Linkdoni (Farshid ostovarhaghighi) , Musician and photographer

Farshid ostovarhaghighi, known as Linkdoni, is an Iranian singer, musician and photographer born in the city of Marvdasht in Fars province, who has released 3 music albums in the style of pop, angel, blank, together.

He also created a site called LinkedIn to meet and talk with artists and share artwork in 2015, where artists get to know each other through social media.

His new album, which is his fourth album, will be released with the Lincoln label and is being composed. It is a combination of music with low steps that has a very slow rhythm. I like it, I hope it will be liked by the listeners because they listen to new music from me and it is a risky album for me. He added that I am very excited to release this album because it is a step forward in my fourth album. He said that I named it because of the type of music I used (sleep) and it is ready to be released in mid-spring.






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