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Neural Experience, digital marketing innovators based in Denver, CO, have launched updates to their unique neurology-based digital marketing services. The launch combines science-backed marketing expertise, neurobiology research and smart technology to create a new form of user experience.

More details can be found here https://neuralexperience.io

The newly updated services include an expansion of the company’s proprietary NX: Neural Experience Optimization Process, harnessing a person-centered and mindful approach to user experience by turning digital touch points into a rewarding, uplifting ritual for customers.

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, neuromarketing centers on the idea that the neurobiology of the human brain can be studied, and manipulated, to predict consumer behavior and decision making.

Neural Experience offers a unique way for businesses to connect meaningfully with their target audience. By focusing on brand engagement and high-end website UI that reflects the neural processes of the human mind, the company help businesses of all sizes, across a range of sectors, to forge deeper connections and drive revenue growth.

Clients benefit from a Brand Perception Evaluation to assess their current engagement tools and implement a strategy that creates a memorable experience for prospective customers.

The service also provides detailed UX Analysis of website design, interface functionality and campaign strategy – designed to promote memorable experiences that stimulate the subconscious.

Neural Experience offer an initial NX consultation without a fee, enabling businesses to see how the process can benefit their operations, help expand their market reach and sustain growth into the future.

The company offer a fully digital eco-system of services including performance advertising, content marketing, branding, SEO, CRO and SEM.

Neural Experience is the result of a merger between digital marketing specialists Jay Nine Inc., David Baur-Ray and a team of neurological scientists. Together they have formed a new collective dedicated to pushing boundaries in the field of user experience and business growth in the digital era.

A spokesperson says, “We combine earned, owned and paid media with an understanding of the subconscious desires of your customers’ buying behaviors and psychographics to take your company to new heights.”

With the launch of their updated NX: Neural Experience Optimization Process, the company continue to set the standard for advanced psychology and innovative technology in digital marketing.

For more information please visit NeuralExperience.io

Neural Experience (NX)
Neural Experience (NX)
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