Earthdance Celebrates 25 Year Music Compilation: “Artist of the Week” Chill Qin


San Francisco, California Apr 14, 2022 ( – Earthdance Celebrates 25 Year Music Compilation: “Artist of the Week” Chill Qin

To celebrate our 25th year of producing transformative, conscious festivals worldwide, Earthdance ( is celebrating its anniversary with a music compilation by Muti Music.

The compilation can be downloaded or streamed on several music services. Here is the link:

This week’s featured artist is Chill Qin. Chill Qin is an emerging producer from Taipei Taiwan, labeling himself as a ‘cross-field’ producer. The music no doubt crosses some boundaries.

On their debut EP for Muti Music, Chill Qin took us on a fantastic journey through cultural influences, world, and heritage instrumentation, along with some awesome electronic music production. The result was unique in its sound and presentation. Its extensively complex and diverse instrumentation is epically refreshing. The melodies draw on his heritage and cultural influences and combined with the beats that draw and contemporary styles like Dubstep and then experimenting with them, make this EP incredibly fun to listen to.

More recently Chill Qin has collaborated with fine art and visual artists in creating custom animated visual productions with their incredible sound design elements added to bring the visual pieces to life. The recent collaboration with Wen-Ching Hao was featured at the Taipei Fine Art Museum.

The Earthdance Anniversary compilation is infused with the spirit of the Earthdance legacy! The music includes an exciting and diverse mix of electronic dance music, funk, hip hop, Dub, DJs. and much more. For 25 years, Earthdance has been producing events around the world and has also put out a variety of music compilations with top new artists such as Moby, Groove Armada, Fat Boy Slim, The Orbital, and more.

Now, we are proud to announce that Muti Music recently released the “25 Years Of Earthdance Compilation” with 25 awesome tunes to celebrate our 25 years of existence and events!

The anniversary compilation also features: Afterlyfe & Supertoniq ft AshEL SeaSunZ, Android Dreaming, Ape Suit, BassTemple, Beat Kitty, Bosa, ‘ Chill Qin, dela Moon, Desert Dwellers, DJ Celeste Lear, Dov1, DRMWVR& Androyd, Empress SunBow, FarfetchD, Fort Knox Five, Giant Ibis, Haana, Intersect & JPOD the beat chef Liquid Bloom & Tribone (Kaya Project Remix), Medicine Drum, Mimosa, Naughty Princess, Red Giant Project, SIDECAR TOMMYand SOOHAN.

Earthdance Re-Evolution Festival in June: Join us in Veneta, Oregon for a weekend festival. The venue is nestled in over 200 acres; with cabins, yurts, a beautiful mainstage, landscaped forested pathways, late-night areas, and more! This will be the first event at a brand-new venue that will grow to be legendary. We are evoluting!

Merchandise: Now you can show your support for Ukraine with Earthdance’s new “Promoting Peace” t-shirts available at Earthdance Global ( ).

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For more information on Earthdance go to Earthdance Global ( or (



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