Know what is meaning of your life with Lucious Lyran’s The Book Of Remembrance


Oregon, United States Apr 14, 2022 ( – Every other individual has thought about the relevance of their life and tried to find out the answer through The Bible or Darwin’s theory. However, the relevance of life can be far beyond that. Educating the people around the world, Lucious Lyran has come up with his latest ‘The Book Of Remembrance’ that can offer the path of spiritual enlightenment. While it is quite easy to put every incident through Biblical explanation, even the concrete religious dogmas can drive people away from the path of truth. The author has grown up in a non-denominational Christian ministry and questioned all the religious norms in order the find the real truth behind them. The cumulated results of his intricate research and social experiences are incorporated into this book to help readers grow spiritually.

Being one of the talented authors with versatile personality and ample spiritual knowledge, Lucious tried to convey his vision of the partial truth of religious and spiritual aspects that prevails everywhere. The author has emphasizes the importance of learning things as well unlearning the norms that creates an obstacle on the path of spiritual enlightenment. ‘The Book Of Remembrance: Bond Between Heaven And Earth’ is capable of taking global readers on a spiritual journey that can change their perspective of life and living. While most critics emphasize God and his existence, the author has shown two sides of the story. He believes The Bible or Jesus is not the only reason behind the spiritual evolution of humans but Egyptian Anunnaki can be a part of it too. This book sheds light on the facts which are mostly avoided or not mentioned but consist of the mystery of human evolution.

This latest book focuses on the aspects of spiritual science that belong to earth from ancient times till now. There are historical references as well as mythological references explained on the basis of spiritual science. Starting from junk DNA, 5 acknowledged genders among Native Americans to Polyamory in Atlantis and intriguing research papers; this book is capable of offering a complete dose of spiritual enlightenment and cleansing by showing the right path to all. Offering the intersections of science spirituality and human experience; this literary creation is truly remarkable. Currently available on, this book can be purchased by all.

Lucious Lyran is also the founder of House Of The Sacred Woman Mystery School which is a nonprofit organization to empowers people spiritually. The mystery school can provide users with the spiritual teaching and training that even Churches cannot provide. On the official website, the users are able to choose among a variety of spiritual packages, especially built to help every individual. Being a nonprofit spiritual science organization, this agency does not charge any price however users can proceed with a nominal donation to start with the services. There are a total of three different coaching sources to gain more spirituality. The Spiritual Mentor Coach Service offers a one-month long session on a daily basis to offer complete guidance based on the client’s requirements. The services are more effective than a basic tantra or reiki healing session and assure to offer a complete solution.

On the other hand, the Spiritual Advisor Consultation Service is a one-hour meeting between the spiritual coach and the client to offer instant solutions by conducting only one session. Another service named Seven Day Aura Energy Cleanse is a one-week long course that purifies every soul. All of these services are provided with utmost care and professionalism to make sure each client gets 100% satisfaction through the sessions. On the website, the users are also able to get sacred products like Natural Shilajit which paves the way for mind and body healing. All of the fore mentioned services, products, and Lucious Lyran’s ‘The Book Of Remembrance: Bond Between Heaven And Earth’ are offering a safe space to channel positive energy while stepping towards spiritual enlightenment. House of The Sacred Woman Mystery School is solely built to help people transform into their best selves that can make the human race unite in this Age of Love. For more information on spiritual science, visit


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