RAX World Builds a Place in The Metaverse for Action-Sport Adrenaline Chasers to Call Home


Sydney, New South Wales Apr 15, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – RAX World, an action sports talents and creators focused blockchain platform, unveils its plan to connect the action sports fans and tastemakers to launch its NFT collections & metaverse destination, connecting fans to the sports and influencers in unprecedented ways.

“It’s always been hard for the action sports community to gather,” says Ali Gursoy, Co-founder and CEO of RAX World. “We are creating a place in the Metaverse where you’ll get the chance to not only experience and share some of action sports talents & creators’ most epic moments, but also to interact with like-minded people and even the athletes themselves in a hyper-real environment. This hasn’t been possible before the Metaverse.”

RAX World launches next month and will be revealing its upcoming projects with athletes and events in action sports over the next eight weeks. The Company will have a full suite of products, starting with NFTs that will give fans exclusive access to many of their favorite athletes, creators, content, and experiences, followed by multiple DAOs and an interactive Metaverse destination.

Gursoy said, “Imagine being able to be face-to-face with your favorite athlete, weighing in on the future of the sport. Or having an out-of-body experience as you soar through a nature-defying sports arena, watching your athlete in action from the best possible vantage. Or partying with fans and artists around the globe. It’s going to be Mad.”

RAX World is bringing the action sports talents, creators, and fans communities together and is putting them in control of their future. Gursoy added, “The only question the community will ask is, ‘What should we do next?’”

About RAX World

Rax is an action sports and entertainment blockchain platform committed to providing talents, partners, and users with a transparent web 3.0 ecosystem enabling the communities to create recurring revenues and connect with like-minded communities.

For more information please visit www.raxworld.io





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