Soccer Players Can Train In Spain With Oviedo City Soccer Academy


Oviedo, Asturias Apr 14, 2022 ( – Soccer is one of the most well-respected sports globally. It’s the number-one sport in over 200 countries and continues to get bigger by the day. Of course, it takes quality training to get to a high-level athlete. Oviedo City Soccer Academy can train soccer players in Spain to take it up a few notches. Here are some things to know about Oviedo City Soccer Academy.


The mission of Oviedo City Soccer Academy is to provide opportunities for aspiring young talented soccer players globally to train in the development academy team. Many build their skills and eventually sign with Oviedo City FC’s first team.

The academy helps create a pathway for young soccer players to gain more success in top professional soccer leagues. They can help manage a transfer by weighing the pros and cons of the situation to help make it a better transition when they get accepted to a professional soccer club.


Oscar Albuquerque is the President of the Oviedo City Soccer Academy. He provides valuable experience being a former Professional Canadian soccer midfielder. Additionally, he’s played for multiple teams with the North American Soccer League (NASL) and Canadian Soccer League (CSL).

He’s also done work behind the scenes and became an assistant coach for the expansion Chicago Storm of the Major Indoor Soccer League.


They split the program into tiers 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and annual. However, here’s a basic breakdown of what the program includes for anyone that enrolls.

  • They offer accommodation and board at Ovida Residence in Oviedo. It provides comfortable double rooms for attendees.
  • Language classes in Spanish and English coincide with daily morning soccer training.
  • 2-hr soccer practice every morning from Monday-Friday in the El Cristo.
  • Afternoon training sessions two-three days a week at the discretion of the Sports Management. Also, they can complete training with any of the associated teams in the sports facilities of El Cristo.

They provide the best service for players that want long-term benefits, such as participation in league matches or tournaments, physiotherapy to treat injuries, health insurance, and possibly integrating with Oviedo City FC if they have stellar soccer performance.

Look at the options available to help decide what would work best for a payment plan and develop skills for the long haul.

The academy offers some incredible benefits for young aspiring players to develop their talents to a professional level. Contact Oviedo for details about how to enroll in their academy:


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