The Highly Anticipated Reality-Fiction Comic Strip, The Marzians, Launches Their First Limited Drop NFT Collection


London, United Kingdom Apr 18, 2022 ( – London-based Marzian Studios Ltd has announced the launch of the first-ever reality-fiction comic strip, The Marzians, a 2-year development that is finally coming to the public to increase awareness about the race to space and further exploration involving Mars by various space exploration companies throughout the world.

The Marzians are an E.I.(Extra-Intelligent) life-force that live in the sub-layers of MARZ undetected by all HUMANZ. The comic strip is being launched through the use of a website, social media, and the MARZ BLOGZ that will continue to feed the ongoing story of how The Marzians feel about the humanz pending arrival on their great planet. Small NFT drops on OpenSea will be announced as the storyline continues, making The Marzians non-fungible token collection the first-ever reality-fiction storyline driven NFT series where collectors can own pieces of the storyboard along the way, and the community can help map out where the story goes based on interest and likes of the content itself.

The first round of NFTs will be released on April 25th, and will be considered a “pre-launch” of the main characters in a drop called “Meet The Marzians”. Following the initial drop, the storyline itself will create the unique individual NFTs that the story delivers through current news and events surrounding space travel, and even more specifically, the endeavors of the space companies and programs that exist today.

Marzian Studios Ltd. aims to inspire more young people to learn about the space programs all over the world and all that they’re doing through an interesting alien perspective with humor that will be playful and fun for all to follow and enjoy.

Polly Charneil, the founder and creator say: “We are thrilled to finally launch The Marzians to the public and begin to build a community of people who find the race to space, and MARZ, as interesting as we do. Our storyline will host some of the most current news through fun, collectible characters that will act as the first reality-fiction comic strip that drops specific numbers of NFTs at very specific events in the storyline.”

The first small rare drop of 111 NFTs of the four main characters will be an introduction to the story and characters and will offer a low enough entry point for early-stage investors to get involved. “We feel that The Marzians will bring value to an even younger audience allowing early-stage investors the opportunity to get involved in our storyline and grow with us over the years”. says Charneil. “The first initial drop of only 111 NFTs will have the very basic traits exposed and then as the story moves the evolving traits become a part of our story as well, so the value of the NFTs will grow as we build rare traits at each juncture and in each drop”.

Marzian Studios Ltd was specifically formed to develop The Marzians around very current space news and humor while inspiring young people all over the world to become more inquisitive about space exploration. “We believe that the future of space development lies in the hands of younger generations, and our ability to create more interest and speculation around space will be a tremendous opportunity for our entire community to get involved and have fun with it.”

Marzian Studios Ltd is a creative studio developed to bring The Marzians to life through facts and fiction that make the story fun and playful to follow. MARZ BLOGS will carry the storyline and allow investors to stay engaged and communicate along the way with the creators. The studio will grow the physical direction the NFT drops take based on the blog, social media awareness, and involvement, making the story and collections interactive for all to enjoy and profit on an ongoing basis. The first auction called “Meet The Marzians” starts on April 20th, 2022 at 12 PM EST.

Source :Marzian Studios Ltd.





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