The 1st NFT Drop “Meet The Marzians” is available for viewing now on OpenSea!

London, United Kingdom Apr 21, 2022 ( – United Kingdom-based Marzian Studios Ltd has announced the official launch of The Marzians and MARZ BLOGZ along with their official website The first drop of 111 NFT’s on OpenSea is now available for viewing, but will not be available for purchase until the drop date of April 25th, 2022.

The Marzians have been under development at Marzian Studios for the past two years as the studio has organized a very strategic path forward to build a reality-fiction storyline that revolves around the race to space, and more specifically, humans’ endeavors to build a life on Mars.

“We are very excited that the time has finally come to launch The Marzians and introduce them to the world,” says Polly Charneil, the creator. “Their views on the “humanz ” approach to their great planet will provide for a different perspective and perhaps some light-hearted laughs that are much needed in our world today.”

The Marzians NFT collection is the first ever reality-fiction comic strip where current news and social events drive the storyline and the release of the NFT series, and where collectors can own pieces of the storyboard along the way. The community can help map out where the story goes through interaction with the creators in deciding what traits they like best for each character.

In addition to introducing the characters themselves, The Marzians live within the sublayers of MARZ which has many levels and is an underground world all its own to unveil. Undetected by humans and their machines, The Marzians lead an exciting life that will unfold through their ongoing storyboard of images and character narration in MARZ BLOGZ, the website, social media and through the NFT collections that host pieces of the story inside them. “Each character and each trait is part of our storyline, and will be depicted in our images so that investors can hold pieces of the story that appeal to them most,” says Polly Charneil.

Marzian Studios Ltd. was formed to create The Marzians and to inspire more young minds to become more inquisitive about space travel and the potential of life on Mars. The studio has plans to strategically align with space programs and camps that educate and inspire the next generations of space explorers. In the months ahead there will be more formal announcements on charitable efforts to assist young people with education and take their imaginations to the next level.

Source :Marzian Studios Ltd.

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