Houston, Texas Apr 21, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – PleadWrite Attorneys, PLLC buys monthly legal subscription service from Estes-Hightower PLLC.

HOUSTON, Tex — Apr. 21, 2022 — PleadWrite Attorneys, PLLC, a Houston law firm, has purchased the legal subscription plans service from Estes-Hightower PLLC. Providing the same legal services across Texas, clients will be able to retain PleadWrite for affordable monthly legal subscription plans.

PleadWrite caters to small business owners and individuals whose focuses are on the quality of competent legal assistance and not the high cost of attorney fees. Clients will have the resources to obtain consultations, legal research, document reviews, and full litigation services, including appellate work. PleadWrite wants a rapport-based law firm that caters to as many clients as possible. There will be a network of attorneys assigned to clients. The goal is to not rush through the representation but to create an environment where clients look to their attorneys first and not last, and where the team works to build long-lasting working relationships.

The website’s URL is https://pleadwrite.com/. PleadWrite.com’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/PleadWrite. The Instagram page is @pleadwrite_pllc.

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