Vetter To Launch New Brand Ignition And Discover; Vetter Tracker, Vetter Signals, Vetter University, Vetter NFT, Vetter TA, Vetter Vine, AI Database, Tokenomics And Gamified Scoring


Vetter Platform is about to get a massive upgrade to its website and brand as it prepares for the launch of its multifaceted Launchpad and an arsenal of dApps for all levels of the crypto enthusiast and investor. An ecosystem for sustained value and growth, each component of the Vetter ecosystem adds value to different crypto audiences, giving new fruitful reasons to hold and use both Vetter Token and Vetter Ignition Token. 

The new brand will rollout Discover: 

Discover will house the original Vetter Token, CrowdX Calendar to sort for 2x to 100x projects before they launch; and the slew of new dApps that will integrate within the successful platform— including Vetter Ignition Launchpad, which will launch its own token this Summer 2022.

Vetter NFT will serve as a powerful resource for upcoming NFT projects across 16+ blockchains before they’re released publicly 

Vetter Tracker is built to manage, search and organize all of the projects users will be watching, planning to get into, and in which they may hold tokens.

Vetter Signals has also completed its course, which allows users to follow successful members found on the CrowdX platform, see what they are watching or planning to invest in, and receive notifications when those one follows have indicated they are investing in an upcoming NFT project or token launch.

VetterTA which helps search microcaps for technical analysis done on that project and requests new TA be done on a specific project user is interested in. 

The VetterVine allows trusted/ranked members to post news they heard through the grapevine about microcaps before it hits the news.  

Vetter University is a video-hub curated by the Vetter community. It’s a vault of “how-to” crypto courses that cover everything from getting started with DeFi to sophisticated technical analyses of projects with legs.  

Vetter Platform’s AI database helps users who are new to crypto find exactly what they need to navigate the DeFI space with ease; as well as educating advanced users in the ever-evolving blockchain sphere.

Vetter’s tokenomics rewards Scouts, Vetters, and Voters who help to improve the platform’s value as a research tool for investors. Vetter users get paid in Vetter Token to post projects to the CrowdX Calendar as well as getting “tipped” by those who found the scouts posts useful when getting a 2x to 100x gain or more. 

Vetter adopts gamified scoring, ranking, and voting. There are six color-coded Scout ranks from Beginner to Top, where the highest rank indicates a stellar track-record in previous posting history. 

About Vetter

Vetter is the first tokenized crypto research tool with integrated gamification and A.I— empowered by crowdsourced intelligence where the community is rewarded to find and post stellar projects to the CrowdX Calendar before they hit the market.

The crypto projects that launch on the Vetter calendar are audited by all-star voters who contribute to the integrity of bettering the Vetter community. Scouts who routinely load projects that provide 2x-100x gains are highlighted, making it easy to figure out which crypto projects to look into first.

Robyn Linn will represent Vetter and promote the upcoming launch of Ignition at BlockDown Croatia 2022 (May 11 to 13), Blockchain Week Rome 2022 (May 24 to 28), and the Berlin Blockchain Oracle Summit (June 7 to 9) prior to the Vetter Ignition Launchpad token launch.

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