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Bloomfield Hills, MI – Business law is a broad area of practice that covers many different aspects of running a business. Some common legal issues faced by businesses include contracts, employment law, intellectual property, and business formation. Many times, business owners will consult with an attorney to ensure they are in compliance with state and federal laws. However, not all attorneys have experience in business law. It is important to find an attorney who has the wisdom and experience to properly handle those legal issues.

At Kendal Law Group PC clients get the wisdom drawn from years of experience. The business law attorneys at the firm have a deep understanding of the many different aspects of running a business, and this allows them to provide their clients with creative solutions that are tailored to fit their specific needs. They are also incredibly flexible, so they can easily adapt to changes and new challenges.

Mr. Aaron B. Kendal, the lead attorney and president of this law firm understands the urgency of business legal matters. This is why he works tirelessly to provide his clients with the best possible outcome in a timely and cost-effective manner. His experience in firearms law, commercial transactions, computer and E-law, commercial litigation, trademarks, and copyrights makes him the most suited lawyer to handle any legal issue his client’s business may be facing.

Furthermore, Kendal’s perfect trial record with all verdicts in his client’s favor is a testament to his skill as a litigator. His ability to protect his client’s interests in negotiations, in the courtroom, and beyond makes him the ideal lawyer to offer legal counsel and guidance to businesses of all sizes, individuals, and families as well as internet startups.

Business lawyers Bloomfield Hills help clients in navigating corporate transactions, litigation, risk management, creation of brands, contract drafting and negotiation, copyright protection, and more. Their understanding of the unique challenges faced by businesses allows them to provide efficient and effective solutions that help their clients succeed. Whether they are starting a new business, expanding their operations, or dealing with a legal dispute, the law firm can help them achieve their goals.

Additionally, the firm’s experience in firearms law is vast. They have represented individuals and businesses in all aspects of the industry from manufacturers and dealers to distributors and private individuals. Their knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of firearms laws allows them to provide their clients with up-to-date advice and representation, whether they need help beginning their firearms business, restoring their firearms rights, or defending claims of firearms law violations.

Kendal Law Group PC is located at 4190 Telegraph Rd, Suite 3000, Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48302, US. To schedule a consultation, contact their team at (248) 572-1050. For more information regarding services offered, visit the firm’s website.

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