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Compiled by positivity advocate and blogger Cate Vissel, the new ’30 Days To A Happier Life’ challenge is for people with an interest in personal development and self-help. To help her followers overcome daily obstacles, Vissel has put together a wide range of digital resources that empower readers to transform their mindsets and become more positive and optimistic.

Further details can be found by visiting https://acupfulofhappy.com/30-days-happiness-challenge

Participants will receive daily motivational emails and have access to a happiness journal that allows them to record their thoughts throughout the process. To get the most out of the challenge, they’re encouraged to complete a series of action steps that allow them to remove emotional blocks and achieve their goals.

The challenge works at a subconscious level, allowing participants to get to the root of their negative thinking patterns and low moods. Instead of wallowing and feeling overwhelmed by daily struggles, they are able to make optimism and positivity a consistent habit – even when facing adversity. In addition, Vissel shows her followers how to be consistently happy without relying on other people or material goods.

Inside the happiness journal, participants will find adequate space to record their daily thoughts and free-write about what they have learned. They may also use these pages to write positive affirmations, make gratitude lists, and identify limiting beliefs they wish to remove. Using the journal and positivity emails in tandem encourages readers to shift their energy, elevate their mood and see the progress they are making.

By the end of the challenge, they should notice a marked improvement in their mood and confidence. They may also notice they have developed a more loving relationship with themselves and are able to navigate adversity with more ease.

Summing up the benefits of the challenge, Vissel says, “We all want to be happy, yet we oftentimes get in our own way. There are things that can make you feel better temporarily, but this 30-day guide will fill you up with the kind of happiness that sustains you.”

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A Cupful Of Happy is a positivity movement and happiness blog that encourages people to live more joyful, fulfilled lives. Company founder Cate Vissel motivates her followers to be more positive by providing tried and tested tips.

For more information on the updated happiness challenge and to receive a complimentary guide, visit https://acupfulofhappy.com/free-guide and the URL above.

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