San Francisco, California Apr 22, 2022 ( – The team spearheading the open-source ixo Protocol announced today, on Earth Day, that the Opera Mobile Browser Crypto Wallet will connect communities across four continents, to demonstrate how communities can use mobile web applications that are connected to the Web3 Internet of Impact.

The Opera Mobile browser now ships with a built-in crypto wallet for the Interchain – the interconnected blockchain networks on which Internet of Impact is built.

This is a step towards enabling millions more people access to digital currencies and other Web3 applications for human security, ecological regeneration, and climate action.

“By integrating the Interchain ecosystem into our mobile browser wallet, we see the enormous potential to create Internet-scale access to decentralized finance and new tokenized economies,” said Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera.

Decentralized applications built on this new Internet will offer millions more people access Web3 innovations such as digital Community Currencies, Digital Identity, tokenized Impact Bonds, and self-governance mechanisms.

Regenerative Finance (ReFi) is a fast-growing movement within the crypto space that is beginning to channel significant volumes of capital into sustainable social, economic, environmental development, and climate impact projects.

Dr. Shaun Conway, President of the ixo Foundation, said “Web3 technologies, including ReFi, can play a crucial role in improving human coordination, scaling capital flows, and incentivizing actions that are needed for humanity to become more resilient to climate change and natural disasters.” In addition, he added, “these tools could promote peaceful and inclusive societies; address the underlying causes of persistent poverty; and accelerate the transition from our current state of humanitarian and ecological crisis, towards a more sustainable future.” The challenge is how to get these new digital finance tools into the hands of the average citizen – especially within emerging economies, where the need is greatest. This is where Opera is uniquely positioned as a popular mobile application that is already used by millions of people across Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.”

The Internet of Impact is delivered through Interchain networks of interconnected carbon-negative blockchains. The revolutionary Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol connects these networks to form the Web3 Internet, with bridges into other major digital economies that are built on blockchain networks, such as Ethereum. Through network effects, this new Internet of blockchains has an exponential market and economic growth potential that could have transformative impacts on society.

Alan Traeger, speaking on behalf of the Interchain Foundation, said, “The fast-growing Interchain ecosystem already has more than 200 sovereign blockchain networks delivering application-specific products and services using decentralized digital finance and other Web3 applications”.

This Interchain and Internet of Impact technology integration with Opera, together with the market reach of the Opera mobile browser, has the potential to provide access to digital currencies and financial tools that could improve the lives of millions of people, whilst helping to regenerate society, the economy, and environment.

About the ixo Foundation

The nonprofit ixo Foundation is leading the open-source development of an Internet of Impact. This essential digital infrastructure is formed by interconnecting globally and locally distributed blockchain networks that implement the ixo protocol, through which Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and Impact Verification applications can be built and deployed at an Internet-scale. This new Internet overcomes the limitations of legacy Web 2.0 Internets, by being stateful, graph-based, programmable, and trustworthy. It is also verifiably carbon-neutral. The ixo protocol defines a new open standard for producing verifiable claims about changes in the state of the world. Which are the basis for impact creators to mint non-fungible (NFT) Impact Tokens. For more information see, Twitter:

About Opera

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera delivers browsers and AI-driven digital content discovery solutions to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The company remains one of the most innovative browser creators in the world. In 2018, Opera became the first major browser to include a native crypto wallet and Web 3 support and has continued to pursue blockchain initiatives through its wholly-owned subsidiary Blueboard. Opera is listed on Nasdaq under the OPRA ticker symbol. For more information see:, Twitter:

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