Recovery Path Charities Announce Release Date of New Book about Recovery from Addiction


San Antonio, Texas Apr 25, 2022 ( – April 25, 2022. Recovery Path Charities is pleased to announce the imminent release of its new book. “The Recovery Path”. It will be published at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other retailers in July 2022.

The book will cover the most effective way to overcome addiction through the application of the 12-steps and faith. The book is an outreach tool to help people in recovery learn about solutions to their addicted behaviors.

“Our organization is dedicated to finding ways to reach out to those that suffer in silence,” said Bill McRea, author of The Recovery Path. We hope that our new book as well as our weekly podcast available at will assist many people in the recovery process.

Recovery Path Charities is a company conceived by a group that had struggled with their own addictions for decades only to find a solution on how to manage their addictions and live a life of serenity.

“We believe everyone that seeks a solution for any addicted behavior should have a source to help them in their personal journey” Bill McRea

About Recovery Path Charities, Inc.

Recovery Path Charities, Inc is dedicated to reaching out to people who suffer from an addiction of any kind. We seek to help groups and individuals that provide recovery services with educational materials, services, technology, and direct funding.
Our educational material offers training to those affected by addiction, and to qualified sponsors helping people recover. We have continuous training and tools developed to provide everyone seeking recovery with the information and access to a sponsor and long-term solutions to recovery.

We are a Christian-based charity but will assist any secular or non-secular organization that seeks to help addicts. We firmly believe that society benefits from strong recovery programs and outreach to assist the public to overcome addictions.

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