Ideal Music: Teniler, a composer and musician of hip hop and rap style in Iran,

Ideal Music: Teniler, a composer and musician of hip hop and rap style in Iran,

has been able to create pride for Iranian music in many world festivals and competitions due to his beautiful and memorable works in accordance with international standards.

This time, the Chief Executive Officer of North America (ceo_na) interviewed him to find out about the progress of hip hop style and the influence and employment of this artist in the music market by taking the lead in the development of New Age style in Iran.

Read the full Persian translation of this interview below:

How hard or easy is it to become a famous singer or band in Iran?

Honestly, we can not just say that fame in Iran is either hard or easy.

There are so many people in my mind that I can give you an example of how difficult or easy their fame is;

So it is better to say that it is both hard and easy; It is difficult when an artist initially has no financial backing and no support from a particular group or crew.

In this case, he should rely only on his talent and try to achieve success by showing his art.

Of course, it should not be overlooked that a number of composers who have reached a good position in the field of music,

have worked with talented singers without financial consideration, and with this collaboration, have provided the necessary ground for more fame on both sides.

On the contrary, sometimes a singer who may not have the talent or the acceptable voice can easily find a place in the Iranian music family, albeit short, but at a high cost, with extensive publicity and support.

What do singers and musicians in Iran do to be well known? How are successful music labels measured in Iran?

Ideal Music: Teniler, a composer and musician of hip hop and rap style in Iran,

I think that singers do everything it takes to be known, from preparing an album, holding a concert and accepting performances for organizations and companies to virtual advertisements or even performing at weddings.

Musicians also continue to work in this field by playing in studios, stages and ceremonies. Regarding the second part of your question,

it is better to say that the label does not exist in Iran as you intended,

because everywhere in the world, when a work is published, a code is assigned to that work, which is a code of material and intellectual rights, including a copy.
Wright leaves it to the singer, musician, or publishing company, whose infringement can be prosecuted worldwide. In Iran, this code is given by the Ministry of Guidance, but unfortunately it can not be followed and is not observed even at the national level.

3- How do you see the cultural and economic situation of Iranian music in comparison with world music?

I think that culture has improved, at least in terms of music, compared to previous years. At present, we have many singers in Iran,
each of whom has advanced in his own way and has also chosen a specific style, and most of the audiences,
respecting each other’s and artists’ tastes, have only heard or not heard that work and have less to do. They compare.
But regarding the economic situation, I must say that in my opinion, music is potentially one of the most lucrative professions in the world and in Iran.
But whether the economic situation of artists in Iran is good or bad goes back to your initial question and having the right or wrong financial support;
This is the difference between Iranian artists and other places.
If there is no meritocracy, if there is no proper support, one can see a talented artist but without money and without rich art in Iran.

4- In your opinion, which style of music will be more successful in Iran in the next 10 years and will attract more fans?

Ideal Music: Teniler, a composer and musician of hip hop and rap style in Iran,

My personal opinion is that the instrumental style will jump well in the coming years. At present, the number of audiences of this style is increasing day by day.

5- Considering that you are one of the most successful hip-hop musicians in Iran and considering the limitations that hip-hop music faces in Iran, how do you think you can be successful in this style in Iran?

Hip hop style is new in Iran and many people are not familiar with it. Contrary to many people, the people of Iran fully understand good music, and if they are presented with a good work and become familiar with this style; They will definitely hear it.
This is not my mental image, but the result of my work experience in the field of hip hop and holding concerts of this style in Iran. If more people listen to and accept hip hop music, it’s because they are not familiar with other genres.
So, like rap style, you can find a large audience for New Age with a lot of effort, a lot of publicity and a good investment.

Incidentally, holding a concert in this style, especially when it comes to orchestral work, needs more support than pop style; Because it requires a lot of musicians, proper infrastructure, training in special studios and…. Is.
In addition, coordinating a large number of people and musicians together is very difficult to perform in this style, because due to economic problems, each musician may have several jobs, which makes it more difficult.

Ideal Music:

Teniler, a composer and musician of hip hop and rap style in Iran,

6- Recently, in Iran, we are witnessing the emergence of hip-hop groups and singers who have gained a lot of fame and popularity in Iran upon their arrival and with their not-so-strong works, and we are also witnessing their successive concerts and economic success.
What do you think has caused such a trend in Iran and what solutions do you suggest to manage or eliminate this trend?

I can not say whether the person at this point was qualified to reach this position, because the people are decisive.
But in general, in the science of music, as in other sciences, we can point to general characteristics that are good to have and bad not to have.
Categories that do not have these features will be deleted as soon as they are heard. But in the meantime, only those people remain whose lives and talents should not be wasted. Apart from the private sector, the government and the Ministry of Guidance, to which it belongs,
may be able to help talented people by holding festivals, talent-finding activities, and away from any bands, and with such support, both the culture and the musical taste of the people. Improve Iranians and help talented people to be seen and reach the position they deserve.

How would you like to end this interview?

In the end,I wish good things to happen for the music and especially the style of Nivayj in Iran; Because the people of Iran listen to this music with all their hearts and love it.
The media are the bridge of communication between people in the world and can be very helpful. Maybe if the support of the world media and global companies for Iranian artists increases, we will be able to make better progress day by day.





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