Affordable Men’s Fashion Tie Box Set/Monthly Subscription Service Launched


The newly launched service gives men with a discerning fashion aesthetic instant access to customized 8-piece tie box sets for monthly delivery or individual purchase. The Upscale Banker is the only 8-piece tie box combo subscription service that is selected by fashion experts and provided at an affordable price.

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Designers and fashion consultants agree that every man looks sharper in a tie and cuff links, which is why just about every high-end brand has their own collection. Soon to be launched online tie box subscription service The Upscale Banker offers men with a discriminating fashion sense the opportunity to receive an 8-piece set of ties and accessories that offer 100 different combination options.

An article published by CNBC about self-made millionaires says the best way to make a commanding first impression comes down to the details. Accessorizing with a well-chosen tie, cuff links, lapel pins, and/or pocket squares makes a man appear more confident, successful, and trustworthy.

The men’s subscription box now available through The Upscale Banker platform includes a custom tie, two matching handkerchiefs, a bow tie, two unique lapel pins, matching cuff links, and a tie bar.

Customers can choose from a single individual box set purchase or can set themselves up for monthly delivery of customized, curated boxes at the Signature level or the Medallion level. Signature boxes are chosen on behalf of the company’s fashion experts and those at the Medallion level can list their tie box preferences for prioritized access to the boxes of their liking.

A company representative says, “It was Daniel Kahneman who said, ‘Your first impression sets up your subsequent beliefs.’ Our customized tie box sets give our customers an instant first impression advantage with accessory options that turn any suit into a power look that commands attention. Starting at $49.99 and with $10 off their first purchase, The Upscale Banker makes discerning men’s fashion convenient and affordable.”

An individual’s clothing has the power to convey first impressions that aren’t easily overturned. With the launch of their 8-piece tie box subscription service, the fashion experts at online store The Upscale Banker make polished, well-put-together men’s fashion accessible, convenient, and affordable.

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