Sub-genres of R&B music genre; ‌ By Soheil Khodabandeh:

By Soheil Khodabandeh:

Disco, Funk, Motown, Neo-Soul, R & B-Pop, Soul, Contemporary R&B, Doo Wop, Kuwait Storm (quiet storm); ‌

Related genres R&B music genre; ‌:

Beach, British Blues, Disco, Doo-Wop, Funk, Hip Hop, New Orleans, Post-disco;

R&B genre and best soundtrack to movies;

Cinematic films use a variety of musical styles to create soundtracks due to the narrative and story they portray for the audience.

The R&B genre is one of the most popular genres of body cinema films.

R&B and soundtrack to Purple Rain 1984:

Soheil Khodabandeh says that the silent music and lyrics of the movie Purple Rain Purple Rain,

made in 1984 and performed by the famous singer Prince and his band, are among the most popular R&B songs,

which topped the list of the best soundtracks in movies.Recent years are categorized.

The success of Purple Rain’s soundtrack in the field of composition has been so great that today Prince’s songs on this film are referred to as a classroom for young composers,

which shows how to create artistic lyrics with spoken word. Combined different scenes from movies to make the result one of the best soundtracks in the history of cinema.

Not surprisingly, the soundtrack to Purple Rain Purple Rain won the 1985 Academy Award for Best

Soundtrack and the Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack for a feature film.

R&B style and soundtrack of The Bodyguard 1992 by Soheil Khodabandeh:;

The bodyguard album The Bodyguard has become the best-selling soundtrack album in the history of cinema with over 45 million copies sold,

making it one of the most popular R&B albums of all time. The history of cinema has changed.

This shows how much R&B is popular among soundtrack and movie audiences, and the R&B album has the potential to become the best-selling soundtrack album.

The most famous song from the bodyguard album The Bodyguard is I Will Always Love You, performed by Whitney Houston, a famous American singer.

The song I Will Always Love you topped the Billboard charts for 14 weeks after the release of The Bodyguard soundtrack album,

which was an unattainable record at the time.

R&B style and soundtrack to the 1992 movie Boomerang:

Soheil Khodabandeh says about Boomerang, 1992 is a boom year for R&B style in non-verbal music and Boomerang along with The Bodyguard have both won the title of the best

R-style soundtrack albums this year. Own R&B. Give U My Heart from the soundtrack album of this movie with the record of Eddie Murphy is one of the best-selling R&B songs.





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