Amir Hossein Moheb al-Dini

Amir Hossein Moheb al-Dini


Certificate of Sports Pathology

Degree in Sports Psychology

International MMA coaching certificate from the World W.MMA.F Federation of Ukraine

MMA referee certificate from the world organization perfect fighting championship

Member of the Supreme Council of the World Federation for the Registration of Imaro Sports Records in Iran

(the only real and legal confederation in the world)

Member of the inspection representative in the HFC World Federation in Iran

Member of wmmf freestyle inspection representative in Iran


Learn the rules of kickboxing

Greetings to all sports friends, especially kickboxing fighters ٰ

These refereeing materials are free to help the referees and coaches and the most respected fighter in this field.

Kickboxing discipline has styles such as: Lokik,

Full Contact, Body Contact, Toxic Contact, Musical Kickboxing and Muay Thai (Muay Thai), which we refer to here as the rules of Lokik and Full Contact arbitration.

In the full contact style, hitting the bottom of the body with the foot is prohibited,

but in the Lokik style, it is free.

The dimensions of each are 210 cm and the height from the ground to the floor of the rim is 100 cm.

The floor of the rim is made of 3 to 4 cm of durable wood, which should be covered on boards or wood with rubber or mats.

There are four corners of the mattress rim, which are installed in blue and red and white colors, which are installed opposite each other.

The mattresses should be installed as follows:

blue mattress in the right corner, red mattress in the left corner and white mattress in the other corners.

* Referees and their arrangement with the term:

1-3 table and chairs designed to sit the referee (jaj) on three sides of the ring and a table with 3 seats to sit the referee (supervisor) time holder (time cooper) and stability Is.

2. The referee sheet which is set by the referee (jaj) which is on 3 sides of the ring.

3. Stopwatch

4 Signs or sounds announcing the end of each round, whistle or alarm

5. Competition doctor’s table and chair with basic medical equipment

(it should be noted that no competition should be held without a doctor)

6- Table and speaker desk and speaker (microphone)

* Athlete clothes and equipment

1- In men, we use: shorts (pants) and pants for this field. In men, we use topless tops, but in women, we use sports tops.

Safety accessories: 1- Hat (blue or red) 2- Gum protector 3- Boxing gloves 4- Cup 5- Covering 6- Leg (in optional look style) 7- Using breast protector

(in women’s section which is optional) 8- Boxing band 9- T-shirts are prohibited in Lokik.


* If the hair is long, it is mandatory to wear it before wearing the hat.

* If the athlete’s legs are not high, his competition will be prevented.

* If the athlete’s body is fat or wet, a race will be prevented.

The noteworthy point in Time Rat is that it should not be less than three rounds, even in provincial competitions, but Mitean should reduce their time,

which is also in relation to the number of participants in the competition. do.

* Coaching:

A coach and an assistant coach with appropriate sports coverage must assist the referee in their kana ring fighter according to the rules in the rounds.

Guide the sound or signal of the filters, and if they do not want to stop their fighter,

they can throw a sponge or towel into the ring so that the referee observes to interrupt the game and declare the fighter a loser.

The coach must be aware of the latest refereeing rules. If the coach does not follow the disciplinary measures, he will be expelled from the competition hall.

* Judges and officials

The match will be judged by a referee (middle referee), 3 side referees (jaj), 1 referee (supervisor) and they will be assisted by Time Cooper (timekeeper),

recorder of speakers and table writers, and business staff uniforms. Have full knowledge of refereeing and use retraining classes.

 A middle referee enters the ring after being on the middle refereeing ladder next to the ring.

After the technical inspection of the ring and even the position of the photographers, what is the situation so as not to disturb the athletes,

and then in the white corner (neutral) Stand in front of the referee so that the fighters enter the ring.

* Duties and powers of the referee

1- The middle referee must judge the race fairly, fairly and correctly and stand in front of the referee in a neutral white corner before each match and when breathing.

2- Controlling the players’ voices and tips – Announcing the winner after the referee’s vote – Counting the knockouts and knockouts that cause knockouts – Disclaimer notice

(consult with the referee if necessary) Referee of the sides and giving them to the referee – Calling the doctor if necessary – Giving a pound

– Control and checking the ring – Announcing the start (fight) and separation (break) and the end of the match (stop)

* After hearing the break, the athlete should take a step back and then fight. It should be noted that the referee can not comment.

Stop announcement:

* If one or both fighters are damaged – If one or both fighters are knocked down or knocked out

– If one or two fighters commit Warning – If one or two fighters need to adjust equipment

– One or both fighters out of the ring Throw – if the fighter falls on the rope of the ring and gets stuck between the ropes – if one or both fighters refuse to continue the game

if there is a disturbance in the match – if more than two people move and assist in the ring.

* Announcements and signals

* Duties of the referee (Jaj)

1. The referees must consider the players during the match.

2. Referees must act in accordance with the rules and regulations of the competition.

3. The judges have no right to speak or ask for their opinion.

* Supervisor (Supervisor) Tasks

1- Supervise the work of the tabular judges, keep time and, if necessary, provide advice to them

2- Announcing the result of the match after the 3rd vote of the referee

3. The final verdict on the protests will be issued by the Chief Justice.

4- They are responsible for announcing the winner of the game if one of the fighters does not come.

Note: The main vote is with the judges, but in certain circumstances,

when they see that the side referee has a tendency towards fighting,

he can also comment.

* The task of time and stability

1- The time holder position next to the referee is such that the referee has enough control over the stopwatch.

2. Control the time and play the ringtone or sound at the beginning and end of the game

3- Controlling the time of rounds and rest time between rounds.

The stopwatch keeps the game in the middle of the stop time by pointing to the referee, and also if the time is up,

it will ring the end of the game after the restart and during the game.

* Stability alongside the timekeeper is responsible for recording errors (warning), reminders,

pound counts and counting foot and hand kicks in each round.

* Task of announcer and table writer

1-Draw and write the tournament table with the number for all games (with the presence of supervisors or team representatives)

2. Record the name of the fighter by the person in charge of the table along with the color of the hat (the color of their bands) in the match.

3- Before starting each match, the scorer is obliged to prepare the sheets related to the referees next to the head and head of the referee by mentioning the name,

weight and number of the game and provide them to the referee.

4. Complete the table after each game and register the name of the winner

* Speaker’s duties

1- The announcer must announce 10 games earlier to inform the fighter and call 5 minutes before the match for the second one to be ready to go to the ring.

2- Announcing the winner of the game

* The duty of the disciplinary and judicial committee

1- Preparing and arranging protest forms and presenting them to the judges

2. Receiving amounts for the right to object (this amount may change according to the conditions of the game,

but if there is an objection, the above amount will be refunded)

3- Following the result of the protest and announcing the result to the table for the completeness of the table

4- Brush any violation on the part of the best supervisors, coaches, referees and executive staff of the competition.

* Physician’s duty

1- The presence of a doctor or physicians before the start of the competition, which has been mentioned in the previous cases.

2. When the fighter is injured, the doctor must treat whether the fighter can return to the game or not,

and there is no objection to the doctor’s decision.

3- If the wound wound is removed, for example, in the part of the head, or there is severe bleeding in the nose, or fractures in parts of the body,

or even in the gastrointestinal tract, the fighter has no right to any dressing, except with cotton or sterile tapes.

4- According to the rules, before registering, the fighter must hand over the health certificate from a valid doctor to hold the competition or at the time of registration.

5. Also, during the competition, no decorative objects such as earrings, nose rings, necklaces, armbands, etc. should be used on the body.

6- In all competitions, pregnant fighters should not be allowed to participate in any competition and should sign a declaration of non-pregnancy.

Note: If one of the two pre-race doctors detects that the fighter can not continue, but if the second doctor says he can continue, the fighter can continue,

but the responsibility of the fighter’s health lies with the second doctor.

7- If a fighter goes to the doctor in a round 3 times in a row, the doctor can declare the winner of the game another fighter and they have no right to object.

And the doctor should not use supplemental oxygen under any circumstances.

* Age categories and weights

1- The age category of adults is from 18 to 35 years old and the number of weights is 11.

Gentlemen 54- 57- 60- 563- 67- 71- 76- 81- 86- 91- 91+

Women 46- 48- 52- 56- 60- 65- 70- 70+

* The age group of young people is from 15 years old to 18 years old and the number of weights is 11

(36- 39- 42- 45- 48- 51- 54- 57- 60- 60+

* Weighing and registration

1- Registration and weightlifting is done by a group of the competition organizing committee under the supervision of a person from the inspection committee.

2- Weightlifting will be done on the day of the match.

3- Registration is done with the original valid Shatasai documents + sports insurance card of the same year + health certificate from a doctor

(consent is required for people under 18 years old)

Note: A fighter can compete one weight above his own weight at his request

* Time and number of rounds

1- Adults: 3 2-minute rounds with one minute of rest between rounds.

2-Youth: 3 rounds 2 minutes with one minute of our rest between rounds.

3- Adolescents: 2 51-minute rounds with one minute break between rounds.

The point in kick kicks is the kick of the cake photo or the kick of the sole of the foot from top to bottom in the form of an opponent and the kick of the kickhouse cake and the hook cake is 2 points.

In the sweep shot, he does not have a point in Lukik, but if the opponent’s balance is disturbed, it is 1 point

* There are no points for unauthorized blows or blows to unauthorized points or blows to the hands and feet that are ineffective or unbalanced and blows that are struck or stopped after a stop.

* Knock Dan and Knock August

Knockout (KD) indicates knockout (KO).

1- They do not give any points in Knockdown, but it is deducted directly from the score of 10 Knockdown fighters

2- If the fighter inevitably falls on the rope or the ground due to a blow or consecutive blows.

3- If Faber does not fall to the ground or rope due to a hard blow, according to the referee, he should be considered a knocker.

What is Knockdown:

Any kind of blow to the hand or foot that hits the permitted points of the opponent’s body so that the opponent’s balance is disturbed,

and confused or he feels severe pain in the hit area so that he is not able to continue the fight immediately. If the game goes out,

the knocker is considered to start counting the seconds with his hands, and the fighter must be ready by the end of counting the number 8, and while counting,

be aware of the fighter’s physical and mental condition. The referee must stop counting so that the opponent goes to the corner.

Then the counting continues from where it left off.

If a fighter is knocked out 3 times in a round and knocked out 4 times during the game (KO)

knock out:

If the fighter can not announce his readiness until the count of 8, the middle referee must continue counting up to 10 and then the announcement of the count of 10 matches will end.

Note: If a fighter falls out of the ring due to a blow, the referee must count the knockdown, but if a heavy blow is hit and the fighter is thrown out of the ring,

the referee must start counting.

The person announces and the doctor calls the competition soon.

If both opponents fall to the ground due to a blow in the match

the referee must count for both fighters. If a fighter rises earlier than 8, he wins, but if both can not continue to play, they will be knocked out.

And the fourth will win the first and second place, but there is a rule that in the final game, according to the scores of both fighters, they will announce the winner of the game until then.

Note: If the fighter is knocked out of the body, he can participate in the next game, but if he was knocked out, he can not participate in another game.

If the doctor determines that the fighter has been seriously injured by the knockout body,

the fighter is not allowed to participate in the competition for up to 2 months.

* Forbidden points

Any injury to: throat – back of the head – back of the body – spine – below the knee – cup and hip and joint (front, back and sides) is prohibited.

* Warning in error

If an error occurs due to an error that is not high in severity or due to negligence of the fighter,

the referee’s referee warns for a second time after giving a warning.

If the fighter makes a mistake that leads to the opponent’s injury and the game goes out of normal flow, he receives a negative point (Mizpond) of the Perm card.

If a fighter receives a Warning or a yellow card three times during the game (for example in rounds 1 and 2), he receives a red card.

But if he receives a yellow card three times during the round, he is disqualified. .

In the event of a blow to the midfielder’s cup, you must agree with the referees.

* Unauthorized movements:

Example If a fighter bends during a match: Catch an opponent,

use a ring rope, make noise, open and close safety equipment during the match, throw the gums to the ground.

If the fighter intentionally throws his gums to the ground, receive a warning (yellow card) he does.

* Unauthorized blows:

Elbow injuries to the body as a whole are also knee injuries and head injuries.

A blow with the palm of the hand or the back of the hand or sixty hands is considered an error.

Impact below the knee cup and all joints of the body, throat, back and spine (in full contact style, blowing the cake to the legs is forbidden)

Unbalanced blows (for example, an unbalanced rotation kick and falling to the ground receives a warning)

* Any unsportsmanlike conduct such as spitting, cursing, alcohol or energy drugs, biting, attacking a fighter that has fallen to the ground or a fighter that is rising from the ground.

Aggression, the use of obscene language in the rounds, is any attack or protest against the referee at the time of the error.


Scoring After counting the points of the parties and determining the winning player, the winner of the game receives 10 and the loser receives 9 or 8.

If both fighters are equal, the following is considered

– Attacker – has a good reaction – has a high guard – has a good style –

and according to the warnings of the Maizepondo Knockers should be considered by the referee (Jaj) to announce the winner of the match.

Each knock is deducted 1 point from the 10 point and is also in the pound pool

Example of how the referee’s score on the referee sheet:

If the blue band fighter in the clicker (score counter) is in a round of 6 and the red band is 3, we give 10 out of 10 to the blue, but it receives 9 to the blue band.

It should be noted that if there is a difference of 3 on the clicker, 1 point is deducted from the score of 10, and if the difference is 4 or more,

2 points are deducted from the main score of the respective 10 fighters.

But in knots or pound points, 1 point is deducted from the main score of 10 fighters.

** Important judging tips with questions:

1- What happens if a fighter hits the cup and the opposing fighter can not continue playing? In this question, the referee or the referee must ask the referee to comment. Warning receives.

2. If the opponent hits the guard elbow in the guard in his guard: In this case, the medal hit should be hit sideways.

3- What should be done if someone is in the corner of the ring while being hit: Meanwhile, the middle referee should hold for 6 seconds and then stop and count the knock on the corner fighter.

4- If the opponent’s hand hits himself: In this case, no points are given to the attacking fighter, but if the opponent hits himself with his hand and is confused or injured, he should count the knocker.

5- Swipe blow: Swipe blow should pull the opponent in front of the opponent’s foot from the floor or heel of the fighter so that the fighter foot wants to swipe,

does not get up from the ground and in other words pulls his foot on the ground if he hits the back of the leg. It is considered an error.

6- Objection to the opponent’s weight: Objection to the opponent’s weight must be announced before the start of the match, otherwise we have no right to object.

7- How to report errors in the absence of cards: In this case, if the middle referee wants to give a yellow card,

he will stand next to the fighter by announcing to the referees and hold his hand in front of the opponent and announce Warning,

but in The face of the red card indicates that the hand is counterclockwise.

And finally, I will prepare and donate a set of refereeing rules to improve the refereeing knowledge of our dear referees in our country,

taking into account the latest changes in international kickboxing refereeing rules and regulations in this collection, and deliver them to all friends, especially lovers of free martial arts.

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