Musician Felix Kay Releases New Single ‘Flowers’


Los Angeles, California May 6, 2022 ( – Musical Artist and Producer Felix Kay released their new single, ‘Flowers, coming off the success of their popular Synthpop track ‘Stars’.

The song still has bits of electronic elements that Felix is known for, but also shows an emotional side to his music.

“When I created this song, I was in a depressing mood. As you can tell by now, each of my songs is very different. I don’t go into a track thinking this will be popular or the next big thing. Sure I want to make a good song that people like, but I also create music for me, as an outlet to express how I’m feeling at the time.” He went on to say,

“If I’m in a happy mood, I create something like ‘Stars’. If I’m in a nostalgic mood, you get something like “NightRunner”. My newest single “Flowers” is about relationships, heartbreak, and the emotional ups and downs of life. I think we have all been there, we all felt it.”

The music video on YouTube revolves around two couples. One that is happy and is at the start of their relationship, and another which is clearly at the end. A man sitting in a dark room not knowing what to do, and a girl in a bathtub drinking her broken heart away. It’s a powerful expression of the realities of the ups and downs of relationships.

The overall song has a smooth beat with beautiful vocals. The piano elements are wonderful and mellow, and the synthesizer is warm and smooth. Overall, it’s a song you should definitely listen to, and Felix Kay is one artist to keep an eye on.

“Flowers” is currently available (but not limited to) on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Beatport, SoundCloud, YouTube, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, and numerous streaming platforms.

Check out the music video here: Flowers by Felix Kay (Official Music Video) – YouTube

About the Artist

Felix Kay is a music creator, writer, and film producer based in Vancouver, Canada, and Los Angeles, California. As a producer, Felix has helped make films with many notable celebrities and independent filmmakers. As a musician, Felix emphasizes Synthwave, EDM, and Electronica.

His music and movies can be found on numerous streaming platforms.





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