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Natural Smile Dental St Heliers’ latest launch provides state-of-the-art tooth replacement, preserving the integrity of bone structure after the loss of natural teeth. The clinic’s dedicated team offers specialism in implants for clients young and old alongside the highest standards of patient care.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for Natural Smile Dental patients. The clinic performs a comprehensive examination of a patient’s overall dental health, assessing the integrity of the jaw bone, identifying problem areas, and accounting for the health of nearby teeth and the likely knock-on effects of implants.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the last ten years have seen a steady increase in the number of dentists offering implant services in New Zealand. The most common reasons for the procedure are trauma-related replacement and single missing teeth. While traditionally the costs of such procedures were prohibitive for all but the most wealthy clients, implants are now an increasingly affordable option for consumers with lower budgets too.

Natural Smile’s implants consist of small titanium screws which are then covered with a ceramic or porcelain crown to emulate the look and feel of a natural tooth. Implants offer a stable and secure alternative to dentures, improving one’s ability to chew and enunciate clearly while avoiding the often uncomfortable experience of wearing dentures.

Implants can also stimulate bone growth in the jaw, help protect remaining teeth, support other dental work such as bridges, and, with proper care, can last a lifetime. The average treatment time is around three to six months from the initial scans. All Natural Smile clients receive an individualised care plan tailored to their specific requirements.

About Natural Smile Dental St. Heliers

The clinic is led by Dr Dave Richards who bought the original Eastmed dental practice in 2017. Along with his dedicated team, Dr Richards offers minimally invasive restorative dental services using state-of-the-art technology, providing patients with the highest levels of care at affordable rates.

A satisfied patient says, “Natural Smile has been nothing but fantastic since my first appointment. A genuine team who have care for their patients and results. They’ve always been so welcoming and caring.”

With its latest service updates, Natural Smile Dental St Heliers continues to set the standard for industry-leading implant procedures in the Auckland area.

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Natural Smile Dental St Heliers
Natural Smile Dental St Heliers

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St Heliers
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