Winning 40 World Music Awards In 11 Months, Amir Hossein Nouri And His Successes On Three Continents

The world today is changing more than ever. Changes that with the unceasing speed of technology are sometimes very complex. Hence, the world today needs cultural dialogue more than anything else, and art festivals are the basis for this dialogue.

 Amir Hossein Nouri, a 36-year-old Iranian artist, released three works, ” Royaye Sepid ” (White Dream), ” Shahre Adamha “( City of People), and “Nirvana” won 40 international awards on three continents of America, Europe, and Asia in less than a year. He is an international singer, composer, and human rights activist, especially in the field of children in the world arena. He was born in Tehran, Iran, and with all the different conditions in the Middle East during these years, he was able to introduce himself as a different artist to the world.

It all started with a song called “White Dream” to give hope to children with cancer under a project of the same name that he founded. It has been more than a decade that he tries to give hope to children with special diseases ( term used in Iran for Thalassemia, hemophilia, cancer, autism, etc. However, in conventional medical science, there is no definition of special diseases. The characteristics of special diseases, in general, can be considered as the difficulty of treatment, high cost of treatment, and low prevalence of disease in the country.) A song in the style of classic pop that soon became very successful, especially at New York festivals, and this was an introduction to introduce him as an international talent with a different perspective. 

A few months later, he continued his success in winning individual awards by presenting a completely different work in the pop genre called “Shahre Adamha” (City of People ) with the theme of contemporary human loneliness. In addition to the United States and Canada, he has won numerous awards in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia, as well as Turkey, and India.

His next project “Nirvana” with a poem by the famous Iranian polymath from 10th century  ( poet-astronomer and philosopher) “Omar Khayyam” in pop style. this work has roots in Iranian traditional music using Iranian instruments (called tar and Kamancheh) but with a completely global musical approach, and achievements A new one in the field of composing and singing was formed for him. It brought him awards in different cities in America and countries such as France, Italy, etc.

The Amsterdam International Film Festival (AIFF) is a fast-growing film festival held in the heart of Amsterdam. AIFF is more than a film & music festival; it is a strong bond between filmmakers & musicians  from all over the world. Amir Hossein has won the Best Song category for his song “White Dream.” A song written for his charity project of the same name.

He has tried to cross borders not only through festivals but by traveling to other charity projects and bringing his message of hope to others. Before the start of the Pandemic, he traveled to India and had a performance at various charities. He is trying to repeat and expand this goal once again in near future.

His abilities in composing, singing in different styles, and using deep human themes introduce him as an artist of style, as his works with all the structural complexities, express the criteria of aesthetics and at the same time It is simple, fluent, and understandable for its listeners. An artist who, with all the hardships and complex conditions of the Middle East and the Third World, has reached the level of art that can set a lasting record in achieving individual achievements in music.

But apart from the awards, his artistic ideology in humanitarian work is undoubtedly commendable, to the extent that he has repeatedly stated that “art in the service of humanity” is the perpetuating factor of works, not merely the artistic effect of his music. So behind each work, one should look at the philosophy of creation of that work, not the name of its artist. The story of human’s endeavors to succeed is always interesting to hear and an opportunity to pursue our dreams.





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