Keystone Law Firm Helps Parents Plan Ahead For Graduating High School Seniors


This graduation season, estate planning law firm Keystone Law Firm helps parents plan for their soon-to-be adult high school seniors through a one-hour in-person seminar held on April 27, 2022. This workshop aims to secure two legal documents: one is a Healthcare Power of Attorney, and the other is a HIPAA authorization. Both are legally binding in cases of medical emergencies.

High school seniors will soon turn eighteen and be off to college after graduation. Parents may not be aware that they can no longer make healthcare decisions for their children who recently turned eighteen. Not until something unexpected happens like an injury or illness. Without legal documentation, healthcare providers can refuse to divulge a patient’s condition even though the ones asking are their parents. This is pursuant to rules on doctor-patient confidentiality.

A Healthcare Power Of Attorney allows a designated representative to make important healthcare decisions. These could be regarding the kind of treatment to choose, acceptable medications, surgical procedures, and more. In the event a person of legal age cannot communicate their wishes for medical treatment, a healthcare power of attorney can empower parents to act as healthcare agents or healthcare proxies.

Another equally important document is the HIPAA Authorization, a document that indicates consent given by an adult patient that allows healthcare providers to divulge protected health information to their healthcare agents. Without this authorization, the use or disclosure of a patient’s protected health information may be considered a criminal act. For this reason, HIPAA Authorization goes hand in hand with the Healthcare Power of Attorney.

An estate planning attorney can help draft and prepare these documents these two legal documents. These documents will grant the necessary authorization to a parent of an adult to obtain protected health information and to facilitate treatment during unexpected medical situations.

Keystone Law Firm, an estate planning and probate firm in Chandler, held this in-person seminar to provide parents with an optimal solution to medical emergencies involving an adult child. It is also an opportunity for the firm, together with its estate planning attorneys, to give back to the community by giving 100% of the seminar proceeds to support Chandler School Booster activities.

For estate planning and probate consultations, visit the Keystone Law Firm at 2701 W Queen Creek Rd UNIT 3, Chandler, AZ 85248, or call them at (480) 418-8448.

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