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The latest move is designed to provide smaller, local businesses with the services and tools they need to compete with their rivals. The Alberta-based marketing agency understands how difficult it can be to grow and strives to simplify the process.

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One of the central focus points of the expanded service is the team’s local lead generation package. This is suitable for both startups and experienced business owners and connects clients with more customers locally.

The agency will help clients to create SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive landing pages for their niche. They can also offer full-page hosting alongside Google and Facebook Ad creation to drive leads and maximize exposure.

Alongside this, clients can order full-scale content campaigns where the expert team will provide all the content they need within three days. The pro-grade content will be well researched and tailored to the clients’ field, helping them to establish themselves as a leader in their space.

Consistent content creation at scale is one of the most important strategies a company can employ in today’s digital landscape. Clients can use this service to build better Google ranking, maximize visibility, and enhance their brand awareness.

Regular output also builds trust with customers, who are more likely to click through to the company website, engage on social media, and complete a purchase on products or services.

Strategic Local Marketing works with clients in any field with a view to building their online presence and generating more sales.

The full range of services available includes course setup and management, 360-degree social media campaigns, interactive video production, and ongoing lead generation solutions. Regardless of the client’s needs, they can rely on Strategic Local Marketing to help.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “We specialize in doing freelance services that bring huge revenue to our clients. Don’t get fooled by our comparatively lower prices. That’s because we are experts in what we do and hence we can do the tasks in a much shorter period than anyone else.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

Strategic Local Marketing Inc.
Strategic Local Marketing Inc.
[email protected]
10301 106 Street

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