Philadelphia neo-soul artist Max Swan breathes new life into 2021 breakout album Slow Jail with live EP and video sessions celebrating local talent and live performance.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 6, 2022 ( – 2021 was a successful year for Philadelphia-based musician and producer Max Swan. After a several-year hiatus, Swan made his triumphant return with the release of his sophomore studio album Slow Jail in October 2021.

The album was met with critical acclaim from international press and spent time in the top five tracks of the coveted RnB Radar list. As a classically-trained jazz musician, however, Swan is best known for his dynamic live performances and knew there was more to be done with Slow Jail.

Thus, Heaven is…Slow Jail (Live from The Church Part I) was born.

The three-track project — filmed and recorded live from St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Philadelphia — is a celebration of local talent, featuring Swan accompanied by local musicians Simon Martinez on guitar, Nick Perri on bass and Lionel Forrester Jr. on drums, and with audio captured by local musician Thantophobe. Accompanying the musical EP are intimate videos from the recording sessions, featuring the most popular songs from the studio album, “Woohoo,” “Change your Mind” and “Someday.” Videography for the session was captured by visual artists Chris White and Mike Ryan, the creative team behind Swan’s music videos for tracks “Leanin’” and “Slow Jail.”

“As I worked through Slow Jail during its creation, I was intensely focused on making music that would sound even better live than it is on the record. I believe in this music, and it’s my time to serve it, now that it’s out,” says Swan.

Heaven is…Slow Jail (Live from The Church Part I) was released by Swan Music Group, LLC May 6, 2022.

Watch the music videos:

Stream the live album:

Heaven is…Slow Jail (Live from The Church Part I) on Spotify

Album Credits:
Video Director/Editor/Camera(s): Chris White
Cover Image Photographer/Editor/Video Camera(s): Mike Ryan
Guitar: Simon Martinez
Drums: Lionel Forrester, Jr.
Bass: Nick Perri
Recording Engineer: Thomas Jensen
Mixing Engineer: Domenic Prinzivalli
Mastering Engineer: Ryan Schwabe

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