BenQ TK800M vs Dangbei Mars Pro:Which one is more worth buying?


This article will introduce you to the similarities and differences between the BenQ TK800M vs Dangbei Mars Pro from three aspects, after reading it you will know which projector is more worth choosing.

New York City, New York May 10, 2022 ( – Projectors are hand-held lighting devices that have been used for years. The most common type is the home theater projector. It is used in a variety of places, and with the development of technology it has been recognized as an important tool in entertainment. Projectors are not just used at home, but also in other fields. This article will introduce you to the BenQ TK800M and Dangbe Mars Pro, two 4K projectors from three aspects.


The BenQ TK800M projector is rectangular with rounded edges and corners, giving it a very smooth feel. The majority of the projector is white with an aqua blue front panel.

Dangbei Mars Pro uses black as the main color. It is a portable projector with IML floating panel. The main body is made of aviation-grade aluminum and glass materials, and its structure is sturdy and durable. Its minimalist design makes it more fashionable, with a smooth and soft texture and full of temperament in color. Under the auxiliary lighting of the mechanical keyboard, it presents a cool style. The matte hand-painting process and the high-bright touch make this product feel more perfect.


The back of the BenQ TK800M projector is where you’ll find all your inputs, as is standard. When looking at the back, from left to right, these include:

  • Audio input jack/Audio output jack
  • RGB (PC) signal input jack
  • HDMI input port (Version 2.0)
  • HDMI input port (Version 1.4a)
  • USB Mini-B port (for firmware upgrades)
  • RS-232 control port
  • USB Type-A port (1.5 A power supply)
  • 12V DC output terminal (triggers external devices such as an electric
    screen or light control, etc.)

Look at the Dangbei Mars Pro The back of the Dangbei Mars Pro laser projector has a different interface available.

  • Audio jack
  • USB port (Version 2.0)*2
  • HDMI input port (eARC)
  • HDMI input port
  • S/PDIF
  • LAN
  • AD IN

Dangbei Mars Pro supports Dual-band 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, which is better in terms of wireless connection and the latency of external gaming devices as low as 20ms

Picture quality

Dangbei Mars Pro has 3200 ANSI lumens while BenQ TK800M only has 3000 ANSI lumens. Therefore, the picture quality of Dangbei Mars Pro will be sharper than BenQ TK800M. This means that the Dangbei Mars Pro will give you a better quality experience when you enjoy a private theater at home. It will be able to deliver crisp and color-saturated pictures without image degradation even in daylight, which allows users to enjoy a breathtaking display at any time of the day.

It is worth mentioning that Dangbei Mars Pro got the TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, which proves its ability of reduces eyestrain by diffusing light without compromising picture quality. TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Test is widely adopted by the display industry to recognize if a product is feature eye care.


If you want to create a private theater of your own at home, then these two projectors are not comparable in terms of cost-effectiveness. However, the Dangbei Mars Pro will have better picture quality than the BenQ TK800M, so the Dangbei Mars Pro will be an enticing option.





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