DXterity Solutions receives U.S. Patent for Automated Authoring of Software Solutions


The Evolution of Software Development — Artificial Intelligence Code-Writing-Code

Mooresville, North Carolina May 11, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – 27 Software U.S. Inc. dba DXterity Solutions, an AI-powered code-writing-code software solutions company, is pleased to announce the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 11,314,489 related to the DXterity DX8 platform’s ability to analyze data models and author software solutions in an automated fashion by first analyzing and resolving anomalies in a data model.

This patent protects state-of-the-art technology that provides automated code authoring and software development solutions to various businesses. Specifically, DX8 consumes a data model or database. It generates a complete enterprise framework software solution in .Net, .Net Core, or Java–one million, two million, three million+ lines of code authored in less than two minutes. DX8 is utilized in greenfield software development efforts or old legacy software rewrites. This patent issued on April 26th provides DXterity Solutions with twenty years of protection.

“DX8 redefines the traditional starting point for authoring software. Millions of lines of code can be generated in minutes. Large projects save millions of dollars,” said Darrel Woodruff, CEO of DXterity Solutions.

Additional patents have been filled that further explain the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in this AI-powered code-writing-code automated process. International patent protection processes have also begun to protect this unique intellectual property.

DX8 was developed and perfected by Chris Chartrand of Brantford, Ontario, Canada while leading a custom DevOps software company. Chris’ invention allowed him to create software faster and significantly reduce the cost and workforce required to write and maintain the code. DX8 has reduced labor by fifty percent while also reducing development time by fifty percent.

A recent proof-of-concept project for the US Navy demonstrated how 960,000+ lines of code could be authored in minutes. Other projects have shown similar results.

About DXterity Solutions:

Formed in 2016, 27 Software US, Inc. acquired the intellectual property and employees of 27 Software Canada to develop further and broadly commercialize the products and services of the former company. 27 Software Canada, with over fifteen years of IT consulting experience, had created a competitively advantageous process by pairing a classic business-rules-first consulting approach with a unique, proprietary developer technology platform. After achieving years of dramatic software development productivity increases, the process has been refined into DXTERITY , enabling and accelerating Digital Transformation Solutions.

DXterity Solutions’ mission is to continue the evolution of solving software development problems through software development innovation. DXterity Solutions was created to commercialize and scale our unique service and product approach. This approach empowers people and organizations to turn their ideas into business success faster and more reliable than traditional software tools and methods.

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Link: Video – How DX8 Works





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