Maintaining Sobriety/Addiction Recovery | 12-Step AA Program Report Released


The newly published report reminds readers that the purpose of AA’s 12-steps is to set recovery from compulsive, out-of-control behaviors into action to restore a life of peace, manageability, order, and sanity. It also provides new guides to interpreting and working on these tenets.

Step One: Surrendering to Find Sobriety, is widely considered to be the most important of all 12 steps. For those feeling apprehensive about this step, the report says another way of framing the principle is to consider it a willingness to proceed through the next 11 steps by first acknowledging and surrendering to the power drugs and/or alcohol have over their lives and their biology.

Founded in 1935 by Bill W. and Dr. Bob, AA is a supportive fellowship for individuals seeking sobriety. The purpose of AA’s 12 steps is to help those afflicted with addiction overcome harmful coping mechanisms in unity with others. The recently released report by Find Addiction Rehabs clarifies steps one through three and brings new understanding to the roles each play in finding and maintaining sobriety.

Step 2 of AA: Coming To Believe, the second of the 12 steps, is a principle the report says often presents difficulties to those uncomfortable with the idea of a Higher Power. Step two asks that recovering alcoholics conceptualize their interpretation of a Higher Power with an open mind while maintaining humility so they can accept the spiritual support available to them.

Step Three then asks that the decision be made to turn one’s will and life over to the care of their Higher Power as they know that power to be. This is considered a vital decision because it takes the addict or alcoholic out of the driver’s seat and into the hands of a wiser force.

Authored by AA member Garrett A, the Find Addiction Rehabs report helps those seeking recovery understand and embrace steps one through three in AA’s 12-step program. Garrett and the team at Find Addiction Rehabs want anyone suffering from alcoholism or addiction to know they are not alone, and that compassion and support are available from many who’ve walked in their shoes.

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