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The recently launched guide is intended to act as a supplement to the company’s online consultation services, which help clients to achieve higher levels of consciousness and spiritual growth. Operating from Aurora, Colorado, the company also provides individual services for clients in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Riverside California.

More details can be found at: https://www.new-earth.center/_files/ugd/bab586_71040c30ff5849d3a066a7824badce91.pdf

The pandemic caused many to reconsider their concept of health and wellbeing, with more holistic and traditional approaches growing in popularity. Combining a number of modalities, New Earth Center has positioned itself to assist in this journey, and their complimentary new guide is another example of the efforts they are making to support clients.

An increasing focus on personal wellbeing was only reinforced over the past two years. A recent survey from McKinsey demonstrated this, with 79% of respondents stating that wellness was very important, a significant increase over previous years. Alternative and traditional approaches, such as Ayurveda and spiritual wholeness, are now being recognized as particularly helpful.

New Earth Center asserts that negativity and distortions in perception can restrict personal development, and their consultative services are designed to remove subconscious barriers and promote growth. Tapping into the foundations of Ayurveda, the new guide demonstrates how individuals can learn to live in harmony with their bodies and the environment.

Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means deep knowledge or wisdom of life. The guide outlines the five types of energy within Ayurveda, and how these contribute to an individual’s own constitution. When combined with the company’s spiritual growth and healing courses, it is expected that this new resource will provide additional support.

About New Earth Center

“I AM” online course is related to root chakra & covers things like: fear, worry, anxiety, inertia, feeling that life is meaningless, stagnation, sluggishness, laziness, tiredness, anger, scarcity / lack, boredom.

“I FEEL” online course is related to sacral chakra & covers things like: personal boundaries, being yourself, healthy self-expression, maturity, responsibility, respect, freedom, trust, independence, forgiveness, having insecurities, powerlessness, hopelessness, comparing oneself to others, conflicts, anger, envy, jealousy, competing with others, lack of self-love, lack of self-respect, self-destructive tendencies, co-dependency, control, causing harm, hatred, self-sabotage, blaming others, living other people’s lives, aggression, unhealthy relationships, dysfunctional behavior, domination, power struggles, vengefulness, cheating, imposing, intruding.

“I DO” online course is related to solar plexus chakra & covers things like: feeling disappointed in people / life / love, social fears, issues related to personal boundaries, being ashamed of one’s failures, inferiority complex, confidence, healthy self-esteem, greed vs. moderation, irresponsibility, victim mentality, hierarchy vs. equality, anger / aggression, pride, issues related to power, control issues, stalking, addictions, inability to live in peace & harmony with others, being at war with oneself, unresolved issues with parents, trying to make an impression on others, being fake vs. being genuine & sincere, inability to be happy, inability to achieve goal, not having a life purpose, not feeling in control of own life, responding to criticism in unhealthy ways, dependence on other people’s opinions about you, seeking outside validation, want to prove something to someone, excessive attachments to others, pursuing your goals aggressively, trying to hide your vulnerabilities, flaws, imperfections, not feeling strong, feeling incapable, not feeling powerful, being a perfectionist, being restless, being anxious, having unhealthy interactions with others, taking on other people’s responsibilities, interference in other people’s lives, comparing oneself with others, competing with others, invasion of people’s personal space, perceiving everyone as a competitor, feeling insecure, having a dysfunctional behavior / lifestyle, having an unsatisfied need for love, not loving the world / planet / people, being pushy, trying to use force when dealing with others & life in general, being unable to handle the truth, trying to achieve something to get love, not knowing who you are, not receiving enough attention, being toxic, having social issues, inability to transform information into knowledge & wisdom, issues related to lack of respect, seeking prestige, inability to love oneself / others.

Founded to help individuals achieve enlightenment and mindfulness, New Earth Center applies a number of traditional approaches in its range of online emotional and mental guidance courses. Practitioners Alua and Nick Patel provide counseling in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Russian.

A company representative recently stated: “The vibrational frequencies on Earth are rising day by day. This changes absolutely everything – our consciousness, physical bodies, relationships, social structures, and economy. We are required to let go of everything negative, low vibrational, dysfunctional. Our mission is to assist people in raising their levels of consciousness.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting: https://www.new-earth.center/health



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