Mariah Bailey Rejects A Mountain Press Article Written On Behalf Of The TNGOP AS “One Sided And Misleading”


Mariah Bailey, former Candidate for Tennessee House Of Representatives rejects a recent Mountain Press article that explains the State GOP decision to remove her candidacy as “one sided and misleading”.

Sevierville, Tennessee May 14, 2022 ( – Official Response And Public Announcement: On behalf of Mariah Bailey and the Mariah Bailey Campaign, it is publicly announced today on 05/13/2022 that a recent article written and released on behalf on the TNGOP by The Mountain Press in Sevier County, Tennessee, which explains the decision to disqualify the Mariah Bailey Candidacy for Tennessee House Of Representatives, written from the perspective of the TNGOP , has been officially disputed and rejected by Mariah Bailey and the Mariah Bailey Campaign as being “one sided, partially inaccurate, and misleading” Unlike Morgan Ortagus, Robby Starbuck or Baxter Lee, the Mariah Bailey Candidacy involves a disagreement in the use or misuse of a Republican bylaw being used as a de facto way to block young Tennesseans, who are too young to meet the 3/4 past primary vote requirement and who have “America First” values from running for public office as a Republican Candidate in state elections.

The Mountain Press article can be found here: THE TNGOP EXPLANATION

Mariah Bailey feels that it’s important that the citizens of Sevier County receive the full truth in the matters of their local and state elections without the media polishing the information that’s released to the benefit of, and in favor for, the leaders of Political Parties. For this reason the Mariah Bailey Campaign would like to provide the public audience with the entire story of her candidacy from the side of the Candidate, as the events actually took place and with dated documents for verification.

The entire story with documents included for verification can be found here: THE CANDIDATES SIDE WITH DOCUMENTS TO VERIFY

Mariah Bailey welcomes contact from any journalist that would be interested in hearing her side of the story directly.

Press Contact: [email protected]

Candidate Profile:

About Mariah Bailey:

A young Constitutional Republican, Political Candidate with strong Christian values, Mariah promises, true Conservative representation for Sevier County residents while simultaneously standing as an unwavering force in opposition to any legislation introduced that isn’t first structured with a solid foundation that preserves and defends the Constitutional rights of our citizens.





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