2022 Book Publishing eLearning Sell Online Toddler Kindle Stories Course Launch


By downloading the newly updated course, participants can discover in-depth tips and proven strategies for selling stories for toddlers. Whether they want to write picture books or longer chapter books, it answers common questions and provides a roadmap to follow for success.

More information can be found at: https://childrensbookformula.com

The latest version of the course includes advice on creating bestselling ideas, how to research books for children, and how to get published in the USA and Canada. Full guidance is provided for creating children’s Kindle ebooks, allowing anyone to get started quickly.

Beginner authors often have questions about the publishing process because selling on Amazon can feel daunting. The “How to write a Bestselling Children’s Book” course covers everything from the ideation stage of the process through to research, formatting manuscripts, and marketing.

Aspiring writers will learn how to create a print-ready PDF, how to use illustrations to complement the story and engage readers, and the difference between a picture book for babies and a chapter book for older kids.

The formula can be used for stories in any niche, making it ideal for writers at any stage of their journey. Whether authors want to illustrate their own books or outsource the artwork, they will discover a proven system to try.

Jay Boyer is an experienced self-published author who understands the keys to success with Kindle publishing and selling on Amazon. He has written numerous bestselling children’s books, and all of the lessons covered in the program are backed by his own life lessons.

By taking the course, aspiring writers can make actionable progress on their goals of publication. Jay explains that writing for children is a dream for many people around the world, and he takes pride in helping them to achieve it.

He states: “Children’s Book Formula is a very successful program that has helped many people get published and even become bestsellers. This is a course that I created on the heels of my own number one bestseller after people contacted me to ask for guidance. I had no idea that it was such a bucket list item, but it’s absolutely the case.”

Interested parties can learn more at: https://childrensbookformula.com

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