Meet ZEROSIXONE: The bespoke 3D design studio that bridges brands, nfts and the metaverse


Founded by artist Jon Shelly, the studio has already worked on several projects, and there’s more to come

Brisbane, Queensland May 14, 2022 ( – Bespoke 3D design studio ZEROSIXONE, founded by Jon Shelley, has been actively working and collaborating with different brands by helping them launch NFT and Metaverse-related projects. Jon, a seasoned artist with more than ten years of top-tier industry experience, has a bulletproof track record, and through ZEROSIXONE, his mission is to help brands to connect with their customers and followers in new and interactive ways.

Jon has worked on blockbuster films such as Marvel’s Black Panther, Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles, Fantastic Beasts, and many more. On the games side, he also was involved in next-gen game trailers for worldwide renowned games: Elder Scrolls and League of Legends.

ZEROSIXONE stands out for its creative process. They specialize in concept design, 3D modeling, and production but they do it in a tailored fashion. From the latest 3D development software to augmented reality, they make sure every single customer’s essence is well represented in every production. By working from concept to production, they can guarantee extremely professional results without the need to enlist several different services. They are an end-to-end turnkey studio.

ZEROSIXONE recently collaborated with Bitski, a top-tier NFT crypto wallet in conjunction with Blackhawk Network to release NFTs with AMC Theatres gift cards. For this, ZEROSIXONE used their in-house project: KRYPTOZ.

KRYPTOZ is an ambitious bespoke NFT project of high-end 3D avatars that will provide exciting utility to holders throughout an ongoing roadmap. Jon says, “I created the KRYPTOZ as a proof of concept NFT project which not only allows its owners’ to be part of a growing community but also gives brands an opportunity to explore NFTs using the KRYPTOZ as an entry point.”

Another interesting project they recently developed, was another collaboration with Bitski and the LA brand PLEASURES, by creating a beautiful set of 3D items belonging to a collection named WAGMI, an acronym for “We’re All Gonna Make It”, a crypto-niche term. The collection contained a hoodie, a cap, and a dog tag necklace.

On top of everything, Jon also owns his metaverse brand named Truth, where they have been creating and selling for the past 15 years 3D hairstyles for Second Life avatars. Second Life, now more than 20 years old, is according to many; the grandfather of the metaverse.

Creativity is Everything, which perfectly showcases our approach to every project and customer. “We truly believe in constantly pushing the boundaries through the latest technologies available, whether it is CGI, game engines, or anything else. Leveraging those assets as a critical part of the creative process guarantees that our results will be amazingly unique, top-tier, and on its level, separate from anything else.” Said Jon.

About ZEROSIXONE: ZEROSIXONE is a 3D creative studio founded by Australian artist Jon Shelley back in 2020. With more than a decade of industry experience, Jon has exercised his craft in iconic movies such as Black Panther and Fantastic Beasts, among many others. As well as state-of-the-art game trailers, such as League of Legends and Elder Scrolls.





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