Comedy Chella delivers with . . . West Coast Bad Boyz of Comedy summer 2022 in Redondo Beach


Award-winning actors, filmmakers, and stand-up comedians Sherwin Arae, L. J. Brown, SPEEDY, Derrick Ellis, SHANG, SPANKY, Brian Hooks, Jay Lamont, & SCHRUNCHO are showcased by Comedy Chella at the Performance Arts Center downtown Redondo Beach . . .

Washington, D.C, District of Columbia May 16, 2022 ( – Comedy Chella presents an artistically crafted, and iconic, talent-driven all-star comedy celebration in August of 2022 . . . the “West Coast Bad Boyz believe laughter is the best medicine and serve it up through every comedic discipline in this homage of comicality, Comedy Chella also highlights special guest hosts: Omar Gooding, Walter Franks III, and BMIKEROB; with Faces of Rap Mothers performing pre-show, and Larry “Magic” Smith as promoter/organizer. This is a celebrity extravaganza whose guests have comedy, film, and television superstar credits, as crowd-pleasers, the “West Coast Bad Boyz of Comedy, on location at Redondo Beach’s quality performance arts center (listed alphabetically by last name) include:

Sherwin Arae – having begun impersonations at the tender age of nine, Sherwin first treated his anxious relatives with family member renditions receiving calls near and far concerning family known and loved; however, he went in honor, and respect, for his family tradition to gain educational recognition and obtained a bachelor of science (BS) and masters in information systems, followed by an MBA, resulting in a corporate America tour-of-duty where his comedic voice once again rose to the occasion through corporate executives, leadership, management, and co-worker impersonation resulting in stand-up career excellence and as they say . . . the rest is history.

L.J. Brown – amazes and delights audiences as an over sixteen-year circuit performer with talent-driven creativity and a gossamer improv capability. Believing laughter heals the soul, Brown has retained genuine people skills reflected in his performances. L.J. has graced comedy clubs (e.g.: BET; Improv’s Comedy Clubs; Microsoft’s “Crash the Backlot Tour”; MTV; The Judge Joe Brown Show; Time Warner; and more . . .), comedy shows, concert venues, and television programming – where audiences’ spirits are healed in an unyielding fashion.

Speedy Caldwell – an actor and writer known for “The Jamie Foxx Show”; “Out on Parole”; and “So Fresh, So Clean . . . a Down and Dirty Comedy”. Speedy has been a daily morning show featuring a host of “Foxxhole” and “Roll Out with Speedy and Friends” on Sirius Radio. His morning spin-off of legendary “Speedy’s Comedy Corner” delivers clever wit conjoined with friends the likes of Kanisha Buss, Lourdes Gonzalez, R.T., and TDP. Without FCC restrictions through Sirius, each weekday features differing themes from “Monday Madness” to “Freaky Friday,” where Speedy’s cast of characters elevates listeners’ days.

Derrick Ellis – as a seasoned tour comedian often opening for “Don ‘DC’ Curry,” Derrick also headlines in clubs where he maintains his cue in and around southern California. Whenever he is not on the road, Ellis hosts “The J. Spot” (J. Anthony Brown’s Los Angeles comedy club) every Saturday Night while exploring new comedy venues resulting in his innovation, “Coffee and Comedy”, where he hosts weekly clean-comedy showcases at Crenshaw District Liemert Park Starbucks Coffee House and aids fellow comedians’ television-oriented set arts.

Shang Forbes – a transplanted New Yorker, SHANG has evolved from stand-up to socio-political satire; coming a long way from New York City Boroughs, Forbes Brooklyn origination still carries the love! A Carnegie Mellon graduate and aspiring illustrator, Shang began a comedy career due to a $50 bet with a buddy and took the open-mic stage by storm while catching the performance bug – becoming an underground dark, edgy, avant-garde, socio-political favorite. As a charismatic comedian, Shang’s stand-up skills moved nationwide, then abroad, resulting in HBO “Def Comedy Jam” and two half-hour comedy BET specials for “Comic View Grand Stand”. Additionally, HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival Special “Best of the Fest,” “Politically Incorrect,” NBC’s, “Comedy Showcase”; MTV’s, “Choose or Lose”‘ CBS’s, “The Late Late Show”; ABC’s, “Comics Unleashed”; National Lampoon’s, “New Faces”; Comedy Central’s, “Jamie Foxx presents Laffapalooza” followed by co-production of BET’s “Access Granted.” As a BET regular, his career includes “Comic View,” “Heroes,” CBS’s, “NCIS”; “CSI”: ABC’s, “Zack & Cody”; NBC’s, “Passions”; WB’s, “The Jamie Foxx Show”; FOX TV program, “FACELESS,” written and directed by Joe Carmahan (i.e.: Narc and Smoking Aces), produced by Tony Krantz (i.e.: 24, The PJ’s, and Sports Night), and a co-starring role in “Devine Intervention” directed by Van Elder. He has performed comedy specials such as XM Radio, “Live on Broadway” and taped world-famous Caroline’s on Broadway NYC while his international shows in Amsterdam, Ireland, Japan, London, etc. share the reality Shang is a don’t stop yet comedian continuing to climb high-profile acting, televised stand-up, and personal appearances.

Spanky Hayes – this frequently showcased Nick Cannon Presents “Wild ‘N Out” and “Wild ‘N Out: Wildest Moments” performance artist also featured a role in, “Pauly Shore is Dead” and provided guest comedy on BET’s Comicview . . . don’t let this modest synopsis fool you – Spanky is an all-out comedian our audiences love!

Brian Hooks – a tour-de-France actor, comedian, director, and producer – Brian’s comedic beginnings include “Phat Beach” as the central character (e.g.: written and directed by Doug Ellin [HBO’s Entourage Creator]), resulting in “High School High,” “Bulworth,” “Beloved,” and “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”. Hooks has also starred in “Cracker,” “ER,” “Moesha,” “NYPD Blue,” and “The Parkers” – delivered central character performances in “3 Strikes,” while also executive producing and starring in many DVD films such as “Nothin’ 2 Lose,” “The Luau,” “The Chatroom,” and “Malibooty”; then career-shifting to off-camera productions like, “Q: The Movie,” where he rose to major film distributor backing and became known as “The King of DVD”. Brian starred in “Dead Tone” and produced, “I Do . . . I Did”; also co-hosting a relationship program, “According to Him and Her,” airing on Centric. To make the COVID pandemic more malleable, Brian began an independent production company, “Left of Bang Entertainment” where he produces in-house films and provides free educational programs with mentorship opportunities to inner-city children.

Jay Lamont – Jammin Jay Lamont is a consummate entertainer who has been a comedy favorite for about thirty years 30; his impressionisms, singing, and talent bore proactive results and Jay aired on television programs like “America’s Got Talent,” BET’s, “Comic View”; “Comics Unleashed w/Byron Allen,” “DEF Comedy Jam,” and “Showtime at The Apollo”. An R&B performance artist, Lamont streams on mainstream music platforms . . .

Anthony “SCHRUNCHO” McKinley – a comedic entertainer on and off stage has acted in shows and films such as “Watermelon Heist,” “For the Love of Money,” “Rude Boy,” and “How High”; Anthony toured with Dr. Dre and Eddie Griffin and currently represents a more serious side performing poignant stage plays such as “King of the Underground,” which is his one-man show produced by actress Sherri Shepherd (i.e.: “All I Needed Was a Hug”). SCHRUNCHO’s play moves audiences as they journey through his backstories from hustler to comedian where he identifies with struggles involved in having an alcoholic parent, synergizes audiences regarding trouble with the law, and usurps gangs and drugs representing how survival can result in success thereby delivering beyond comedy performances providing truthful, gritty, and passionate glimpses of life before “living the life”. Apart from this one-man show, McKinley works with additional iconic stars such as Omar Gooding, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Floyd Mayweather, etc. Moving to the future, SCHRUNCHO continues to direct and write films and movies.

Comedy Chella provides attendees with access to exceptional witticism from artistic, provocative, and sidesplittingly real artists who really are, just what the doctor ordered as award-winning, veteran, and emergent, stand-up professionals who are “in demand” at modest ticket costs (e.g.: $125.00 for VIP, $65.00 for Section A, and $45.00 general admission).

The West Coast Bad Boyz of Comedy live performance venue occurs at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on 26 August 2022. Doors open at 5:00 PM or 1700 hrs. if you are local military members (thank you for your service). Pre-show, the Faces of Rap Mothers (i.e.: owned, chaired, and created by Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell) perform, and BMIKEROB Entertainment delivers the evening’s music.

This all-star lineup sponsored by So Fresh and AEC tickets is a creation of Mr. Larry Smith . . .

Tickets sell quickly, so be aware! Comedy Chella’s West Coast Bad Boyz of Comedy performers are definitely looking forward to etching out a healing evening filled with entertainment every guest will appreciate until then, stay safe while celebrating life!

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