How QC Kinetix (Augusta) is Winning Hearts Thanks to its Regenerative Medicine Treatments in Augusta, GA


QC Kinetix (Augusta) understands the gravity of chronic pain on the quality of life and is committed to providing regenerative medicine as a countermeasure. The medical team offers treatment for pain due to sports injury, hand and wrist pain, pain due to arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and pain in the ankle, knee, and hip pain. Treatment is customized to give patients the best possible outcome. When administering treatment, the goal of QC Kinetix (Augusta) regenerative medicine in Augusta, GA, is to help the patients regain mobility and range of motion and resume active lifestyles with renewed vigor.

The pain control clinic employs the latest regenerative therapies to fight inflammation and pain and deliver long-lasting relief. Patients in Augusta, GA, and the surrounding areas trust the medical team to deliver long-term healing using tailored treatment plans. The treatment providers working at QC Kinetix (Augusta) have a lengthy medical history of working with patients with chronic pain and other health challenges to help improve their condition.

QC Kinetix (Augusta) aims to have as many patients as possible in Augusta, GA, benefit from regenerative therapies. Patients also get educated about their condition and are accorded the highest level of respect through the treatment. The lead provider is Dr. Debra Cooper, M.D., a board-certified emergency medicine physician and an Indiana University School of Medicine alumnus. Upon graduating from law school, Debra began working as a volunteer in an orthopedic surgical unit.

Patients undergoing treatment at QC Kinetix (Augusta) and other QC Kinetix clinics are raving about the results. The Augusta back pain treatment options the clinic offers involve several non-surgical combinations to help patients recover fully. In a short video testimonial posted on the website, a patient with terrible back pain and hip pain overcame the pain and returned to normal function within a short span of time. Patients throughout Augusta, GA, trust the clinic because their clinicians are well-trained and experienced in taking care of various pain, whether caused by accident, disease or other debilitating conditions.

For athletes who get injured while training in the gym or playing field, the sports medicine doctor at QC Kinetix (Augusta) will deploy effective regenerative therapies to repair and restore the injured or damaged tissue. The Augusta sports medicine medical providers will also walk the patient through the entire treatment journey from diagnosis to recovery to help them enjoy complete restoration. A no-obligation consultation with the clinicians allows one to discuss the treatment options and candidacy.

The regenerative medicine providers at QC Kinetix (Augusta) can be reached at (706) 310-8863. The clinic is strategically located at 3606 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, Georgia, 30909, United States. A live chat service and website inquiry form are also available to keep the conversation going.

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