Million Dollar Collar a Billion Dollar Idea?


New Show on Fox Business – Billion Dollar Idea with Bai founder Ben Weiss.

Atlanta, Georgia May 16, 2022 ( – A Billion-Dollar Valuation, that’s a unicorn and an extreme accomplishment. Bai founder Ben Weiss is out looking for the next “Billion Dollar Idea” on his new show. One of the companies he interviewed on a recent episode was Million Dollar Collar, and it’s easy to see why.

Million Dollar Collar is the World’s only Placket Stay. What the heck is a placket stay? Think collar stay, except 9″ long and it goes down the front a dress shirt where the buttons and holes are, the placket. This allows anyone to wear a dress shirt, without a tie, and look amazing all day/night long. No amount of ironing or starch can compete.

Dress Shirts represent a $20B/year industry in the US alone. Rob Kessler, Inventor of Million Dollar Collar, is looking to tap into that market in a big way. The invention came about after Rob and his wife Linda saw the photos from their casual beach wedding in Jamaica. The idea took 3 years to patent and perfect. Now with sales nearing $1M, and satisfied clients all over the world, Rob is looking to push the idea further into licensing the technology to a major brand.

As simple as the stay looks, it is highly engineered. It is heat resistant to nearly double the temp dry-cleaners use to launder a shirt, it is soft enough to be sewn through, rigid enough to hold up the collar, lightweight enough so you don’t even know it’s there, and flexible enough to move with you throughout the day.

For now, you can buy the placket stays and have them sewn into your favorite shirts, you can use their VIP mail-in service, or you can shop a wide selection of shirts with Million Dollar Collar already installed including brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, and their popular in-house brand goTIELESS.





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