QC Kinetix (Winter Park) Improves the Quality of Life of Pain Patients Using Regenerative Treatment in Winter Park, FL


Winter Park, FL – QC Kinetix (Winter Park) is a franchisee of the nationally-renowned QC Kinetix clinic offering regenerative medicine throughout Winter Park, FL, and its neighboring areas. Its treatments offer pain patients the best alternative to surgical procedures for improved life quality by eliminating all associated risks and significantly reducing the time patients need to recover fully. As a result of its patient-focused treatment programs, QC Kinetix (Winter Park) has grown into a household name in non-invasive pain relief treatments that effectively treat a wide range of pain conditions, regardless of their causes.

“My lower back and right knee had been a source of pain for many years. I tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, prescription, and over-the-counter medications to no avail. I heard about QC Kinetix on a local radio station and called to schedule my free consultation. I began treatment a week later. The procedures were all done in the office, took minimal time, and, in my case, no pain from the injections. Relief began within a few weeks. I am back to walking, biking, and enjoying life,” said one of QC Kinetix’s former pain patients.

Patients who have had their daily lives disrupted by debilitating chronic pains in Winter Park, FL, can now retake control of their lives, thanks to QC Kinetix (Winter Park)’s regenerative medicine options. Even better is that these options allow them to get off unhealthy dependence on pain medications which often do nothing more than mask pain. The clinic’s revolutionary biologic therapies have been known to address any underlying issues causing chronic pains by triggering the human body’s innate ability to heal itself. Whether looking for effective Winter Park back pain treatment or hip replacement alternatives, Winter Park residents can never go wrong by choosing QC Kinetix (Winter Park).

QC Kinetix (Winter Park)’s natural pain treatment therapies have found increased application in Winter Park sports medicine with promising prospects because they are fast, inexpensive, and efficient for all sports-related injuries. The best part about using these treatments is that injured athletes can often get back to their sporting activities within the shortest time possible, without any risks associated with complicated surgical procedures. QC Kinetix (Winter Park) has remained at the top of its game for the personal attention its medical providers give each patient. For instance, for all sports-related knee injuries, each patient gets assigned the clinic’s Winter Park knee specialist who will work closely with them in developing, administering, monitoring, and optimizing treatment plans.

Besides its widespread applications in sports medicine, QC Kinetix (Winter Park)’s regenerative treatments can be used to treat many non-sports-related injuries such as pain due to arthritis, joint aches, and tendonitis pains. Patients suffering from chronic pain conditions in Winter Park are advised to sign up for a free consultation session for a one-on-one with one of the clinic’s regenerative medicine providers. More information regarding the services offered by QC Kinetix (Winter Park) is available on its website. Patients can call (689) 244-7980 to speak with one of their representatives. The clinic is located at 1870 Aloma Ave, Ste 240, Winter Park, FL, 32789, US.

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