The Business Lawyers at Tomes Law Firm, PC, is Offering Legal Services to Clients with Debt and Financial Issues in Morganville, NJ


Morganville, NJ: Tomes Law Firm, PC offers legal services to clients struggling with paying bills and meeting their financial obligations, whether it is a mortgage, credit card, student loans, or medical debts. As a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), the firm assists clients in navigating the best way out of financial strain and starting a new chapter in rebuilding their financial life. The attorneys also pursue non-standard remedies — in addition to filing for bankruptcy — giving the client a break from the creditors’ aggressive and sometimes improper tactics.

After consultations, the bankruptcy attorney assists the client in making the most crucial decision in their journey toward rebuilding their financial life. They guide the client in choosing between Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy — based on their financial situation. While each form has its merits, selecting the right one makes a huge difference in negotiating for a better path towards repaying the obligations. Thanks to the attorney’s experience in handling similar cases, they guide the client through the options and what to expect in the process.

For clients dealing with debt collectors and overwhelming bills but cannot put a payment plan, the Morganville business lawyers assist them in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Considering clients cannot just file for bankruptcy and start proceedings, the firm guides them in satisfying the needed prerequisites, such as assisting them in getting a receipt of credit counseling. They also help them meet other obligations and advise them as they prepare to start a new financial life.

The firm also assists clients in filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which allows them to work with the court in restricting the debt and coming up with lighter monthly obligations without sinking the client deeper into the debt hole. In filing for this form, the client is more likely to encounter challenges from the creditors. Fortunately, the law firm assists them in navigating the challenges and proposing better terms such as the repayment period and the percentage.

One of the requirements for filing for bankruptcy is the client attending a 341 meeting with the creditors. Considering the creditors and other parties are more likely to dig deep into the client’s finances to find unreported assets, Tomes Law Firm, PC assists the clients in preparations and ensuring there are no omissions or errors. The trustee appointed by the court then reports to the judge once they are satisfied with the information provided by the client.

Tomes Law Firm, PC is located at 479 Route 79 Unit A5, Morganville, NJ, 07751, US. Clients interested in the services of a bankruptcy attorney can contact the team at (732) 896-2770. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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