Award-winning Musician Ansa.GaRangDengZhen Brings “Songs from the Himalayas” Tour to Vancouver


Ansa GaRangDengZhen is bringing his timely message of love and peace to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for his “Songs from the Himalayas” tour in Vancouver on August 13, 2022 and is currently busy working on new music.

Vancouver, British Columbia May 16, 2022 ( – Ansa.GaRangDengZhen (English name is Zen) is a multi-award-winning Tibetan singer-songwriter and producer at the forefront of a new generation bringing inspirational folk and world music to the masses. Coming from the snowy plateau, this musical genius brings unique styles and powerful vocals to Chinese music while accomplishing his dream of teaching compassion and supporting charities worldwide. He showcases the untainted beauty of his ethnic voice with a contemporary yet simple musical concept, creating moving and masterful compositions.

He became a global sensation after winning a Chinese Talent show and was recognized as top ten singers of the year, along with many other achievements. This earned him a place as a regular special guest performer for CCTV and many other TV stations. He rejuvenated Chinese folk music to the public during his world tours. In the process, he received the American Love and Art Contribution Award, the British Charity Artist Honor and Performing Artist Award in Australia, Egypt, Qatar, and Canada.

He has a long history of activism, charity, and humanitarian work that is reflected in his transformative art. Throughout his 20 + years of singing, composing, and performing, he won over 20 awards in China and overseas as well as contributing music and raising funds for stem cell research, earthquake relief, leukemia, the International Children’s Fund, and other human welfare causes. Zen has been named ambassador for the Canadian Liver Fund, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, and the Tibet Aid and Development Foundation. Zen has also proudly served as the Vice Chairman of the Tibetan Performing Arts Alliance.

In 2016, he was invited to attend the Canadian International Film Festival as a representative and won the Performing Arts Contribution Award. The following year, Zen participated in the week-long Canadian Golden Maple Leaf International Film Festival series of events with the documentary “Turning the Mountain of God with a Long Head” as the chief planner and chief producer, and won the Single Award for Best Documentary Character.

In January, 2018, Gajang Deng Zhen launched a North American tour of Hard Rock Casino that was presented by representatives of the Canadian Parliament.

The documentary “Seven Days and Seven Nights” (2019), based on Zen‘s musical path, won the Best Musician Award at the 23rd Hollywood Family Film Festival.

While promoting folk music overseas, Ansa GaRangDengZhen strives to spread the essence of Tibetan culture, “Tangka Art”. He cooperated with Canada Vancouver Cultural Centre in 2019 and presented Vancouver’s largest “Tibet Tangka Culture and Art Exhibition”, bringing Chinese ancient arts overseas, attracting tens of thousands of people.

Ansa GaRangDengZhen is bringing his timely message of love and peace to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for his “Songs from the Himalayas” tour in Vancouver on August 13, 2022, and is currently busy working on new music. Zen’s current releases included the single “Alaye” (2020), and full-length albums “Global Village” (2018) and “Songs from the Himalayas” (2016). Tickets for the highly anticipated Vancouver performance are available here:





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