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The product line that the South Amboy, New Jersey-based home remodeling expert now uses prevents heat transfer and keeps indoor spaces substantially more insulated than the competition. This high-performance insulation is the ideal solution for homes in variable climates thanks to the highly resilient and durable Neopor technology used.

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The new insulation is a recently developed technology that Window Galaxy USA installs as part of its mission to provide the most cutting-edge products on the market. These window replacement and siding options function especially well in cold weather, boasting remarkable heat-trapping abilities thanks to the Neopor microfoam.

Studies have shown that a poorly insulated home can lose up to 25% of its heat to its ambient surroundings in the winter, resulting in equivalent hikes in the utility bill. In the summer, this loss can be even greater as air conditioning and central air units must work harder to cool the home, which absorbs more heat and warms up faster.

Window Galaxy USA can help prevent heat loss with their new siding installation options, saving money and energy simultaneously. These sidings are available in a variety of colors and textures, with vinyl and versetta stone options that each come with customizable design elements.

The silver Neopor insulation used in these siding products is ultra-thin, yet provides almost twice the r-value, or heat transfer, reduction capabilities. By limiting the r-value of the home, the energy efficiency of heating and cooling is increased and the homeowner saves money.

The company offers discounts on siding, roofing, and window installations with no payments for 18 months after the work is done. Window Galaxy USA carries a wide variety of exterior options for everything from doors to roofing to bay windows, making them the clear choice for home renovation projects.

A satisfied customer had this to say, “We had a very good experience, from the sales gentlemen to installation. Window Galaxy set clear expectations with us from the beginning about when to expect service. The installation process went very well and the guys were very courteous.”

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