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The newly announced approach helps restaurant owners and managers set up and manage a birthday club marketing program at their restaurants to drive business and entrench loyalty. Top Line Management offers no-obligation consultations to restaurateurs looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to boost their customer base and grow their business.

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Competition in the restaurant industry is especially tough; however, those who can reach their target audiences and bring them through the doors can begin building a loyal and lucrative customer base. A newly launched Birthday Club strategy developed by business growth consultants Top Line Management and powered by Cafe Fuel software helps restaurateurs generate new and repeat customers.

Studies indicate programs like birthday clubs are reliable revenue boosters because they give groups of customers a reason to select one restaurant over another.

Birthday guests enjoy the company of others, along with a full meal, beverages and cake while restaurant servers manage individual customer requests and other hospitality details that lead to word of mouth and online recommendations. The restaurant can also attract more foot traffic because of an upbeat and exciting ambiance that is naturally part of any birthday celebration.

According to the National Restaurant Association, an average cheque generated by a birthday table of three or four guests is $80. Furthermore, over 55% of consumers prefer to celebrate their birthdays at a restaurant, a statistic the Cafe Fuel Birthday Club leverages.

Establishing a birthday club begins with a compelling offer, something the restaurant owner or manager knows will appeal to their target segment. This is followed by custom-designed postcard mailouts to boost reach within a 10-mile radius, and table tents that raise awareness. Interested customers are directed to a highly converting website that connects to an email responder which automatically sends out offers as birthdays approach.

The Cafe Fuel Restaurant Birthday Club strategy helps restaurant owners and managers keep their restaurants filled, creates a loyal roster of repeat customers, and helps build a valuable email list.

With the launch of this new growth program, Top Line Management is making the Cafe Fuel marketing system an easy and accessible tool restaurateurs can quickly put to work to boost sales and engender customer retention.

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