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London, United Kingdom May 17, 2022 ( – Cloud PC (DaaS) provides Enterprises with a comprehensive managed cloud desktop solution with the security, reliability, and flexibility businesses need to succeed. It has been developed in partnership with NetApp, “Spot PC” and Lenovo Managed Service.

Cloud PC Ltd, a cloud-led, data-centric software company, today announced the general availability of Cloud PC (DaaS), the managed cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution — with security, automation, observability, and optimization designed for the public cloud and for the needs of today’s remote and distributed working environments.

Available today, Cloud PC (DaaS) provides Enterprise clients with a cloud desktop solution optimized for security, privacy, and infrastructure efficiency, with predictable pricing to reduce overall support burdens, increasing profitability.

With the rapid acceleration of hybrid work environments, organizations have been compelled to evolve their IT infrastructure to support remote work environments, build distributed teams, and enable hybrid offices while navigating supply chain issues and cyber security threats.

But the most common solutions available to deliver remote desktops, based on traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) were never designed for the public cloud and therefore require significant effort for administration, management, and troubleshooting. As a result, today’s remote desktop offerings come with significant operations burdens, can be time-consuming and complex to set up, migrate to, and manage, and are expensive to deploy and operate.

Enterprises today require the right tools and solutions that are built for the cloud for the optimal efficiency of their resources. With Cloud PC (DaaS), we’re equipping Enterprises to bring differentiated, profitable cloud desktop solutions to market to meet growing demand from their customers and enable them to deliver flexible, secure, and fit-for-purpose remote work experiences to a variety of users across multiple locations and regions.

Cloud PC (DaaS) delivers a comprehensive as-a-service solution to these challenges, enabling Enterprises to provide secure, reliable, and fully optimized cloud desktops to support a broad range of needs.

Cloud PC (DaaS) provides Enterprises with the ability to:

  • Deliver cloud desktops with speed, flexibility, and agility across multiple locations and regions to support a wide range of tasks for knowledge and technical computing users
  • Ensure that cloud desktop environments meet security, availability, and performance requirements without overburdening IT staff
  • Provide predictable cost structure using patent-pending AI and machine learning automated optimization

Cloud PC (DaaS) is available today, for enterprises with a fixed pricing structure per user per month.

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