Digital Nomad Carbon Offsetting Guide | Climate Conscious Travel Report Launched


Tailored to eco-conscious freelancers, the new guide offers expert advice on how to offset the environmental effects of traveling. Written by digital business expert Ashley Wells, it includes tried and tested methods that help digital nomads to become carbon neutral or carbon negative while traveling from country to country.

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To alleviate feelings of eco-guilt readers can implement four main strategies, some of which are also beneficial from a budgeting perspective.

First, readers are advised to offset their carbon footprint by flying less and looking at other travel methods, for example, traveling by train or boat. Air travel is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so by choosing alternative transportation, digital nomads can dramatically reduce their footprint.

Readers can also opt for direct flights which typically use less fuel or fly economy – a cost-effective and more climate-conscious option.

In addition to these steps, digital nomads should consider compensating for their carbon emissions by making a donation. They can visit a site like Terrapass to calculate their carbon footprint and make an equivalent contribution. Their contributions are then used for offsetting campaigns such as planting trees and finding energy-efficient fuel sources.

By implementing the advice found in the report, readers can contribute to sustainability efforts while pursuing their career goals. They can continue to work and travel without worrying about negatively impacting the planet.

Summing up the importance of the report, a company spokesperson says, “There’s no getting away from the climate crisis today. It’s on every news channel and in every paper. If you’re a digital nomad, you might be feeling guilty about the air miles you’re clocking up and the carbon footprint you accrue simply by moving around. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your dream of living and working abroad. These expert tips allow you to do both.”

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