Mohammad Mehdi Rabbani

How to start up a low-cost business?

Basically, in Persian culture, people believe the capital is property and assets.

Properties and assets can be both material and immaterial. For instance, money, houses, and cars are material capitals but on the other side body,

mindset, time, and energy are immaterial capitals.

Presently, we immediately visualize the currency cash and dollar bills in our minds when it comes to capitals,

while financial capital is a small part of human wealth.

How to run a business with low capital?

Actually, those people who only save their money without creating value are not capitalists; they are only money caretakers.

It consequently inferred that money coherency in any form could be a weakness.

A capitalist’s strength shows up in his money-making mentality; this means the ability of mind that makes a person create values from no money.

Hence, for the sake of achieving this; foremost one should accept his entire life with all the failures and successes, and with all the sufferings and joys, subsequently,

he should determine his current state and destination, means where he stands already and where he wants to go then.

Clearly, at this point he must use his self-confidence, skills, experiences, and creativity to create value through the cognition of his personality.

What is the connection between these skills and value creations?

Literally, To answer this question, you need to seek for those who started their own business with compact or even zero financial capital,

and were able to achieve their goal with self-confidence, using skills, experiences and so forth.

If we want to observe this concern precisely, we need to look at the trends and mega trends conceptually in business marketing,

and also the impact of these two concepts on our main subject.

Mega trends are the forces of global development, large and sustainable, that affect businesses, economies, industries, and even the peoples’ personal lives around the world.

These define our future world and accelerate its changes.

Huge upcoming changes Mostly destroy numerous markets and create many opportunities;

these are the changes that many people may call them luckHere is some example which confirms this perfectly:

As a matter of fact Iran’s population is aging, therefore, services for elderly people may be an appropriate option in the future.

How to apply these skills?

1 – Negotiation:

Using negotiation skills, convince the negotiator that you have a good resume and with your proposed plan you can cause a brilliant growth to their company; thus it persuades them to give you the opportunity to cooperate (what intermediaries do to buy from the manufacturer).

2 – Product pre-sale:

You can sell the product that you have not bought yet through using the pre-sale method (what many distribution companies do.)

3 – Participation in sales:

You can have a share of the product profit, without buying the product or having a cost; this happens just through high self-confidence, increasing expertise and by using the method of participation in sales. (Same as What visitors do.)

4 – Service occupation:

You can easily occupy a lot of service in various fields in virtue of Using creativity and existing potentials. (What tourism agency or flower and plant growers do)

However, only using the above tips, still does not guarantee your success.

Success cannot be achieved without the necessary preconditions;

the necessary preconditions are credibility and goal setting based on value presentation.

Mentioning instances of business in Iran with low capital and high profit.

(1) Setting up a food preparation and distribution center.

Building a food preparation center is one of the common businesses these days as the busyness of people has increased in urban life.

This can be very prosperous and can be considered as a productive home-based business with low capital.

This idea does not require much capital to start and has a low risk.

 All you have to do is deliver good, tasty, healthy, qualitative and reasonably priced food to your customer so that your business can grow step by step.

(2) Packaging and production services of gift boxes and bags.

If you are interested in activities like working and packaging at home, and you have a good aesthetic taste; this idea is really suitable for you.

Gift boxes and envelopes play an important role in our parties and birthdays and celebrations. You simply can reach a notable capital this way.

(3) Content Production.

Today, One of business’s great social networks, online spaces and websites needs is people who produce the exact content that they need; of course this content can be a long article or a simple advertisement.

(4) Production of breads and pastries.

Producing breads, confections, and pastries can also be a good offer as a low-capital business. One of the food products that is always used and is especially popular in our country (Iran) is bread.

You could start your own home-based business even tomorrow with a petite start-up cost.

Ultimately, by linking the sociological concept above; we conclude that, while the product is created to serve human prosperity and comfort, we need to create value for it to save and raise capital.

In fact, people value the capital, not the capital values us and determine our credibility and degree.

This usage of capital is to achieve growth and elevation. Money must be created just the same as values; it is a small part of human assets.

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