‏” Why do people tend to listen to sad songs when they are upset ?!”mohammad zeinali

‏” Why do people tend to listen to sad songs when they are upset ?!”

A brief look at “bigharar” a popular music by “Dadmehr”, one of the most talented Iranian artists.

Many people are more likely to listen to sad music when they are upset by hard life events.

In fact, we consider that this kind of music helps people to accept the difficulties of life or to draw and understand their grief and sadness.

Apparently, listening to happy music makes more sense because it is inspiring and elevating to your spirits and makes you more energized.

Then why do we tend to play sad songs when we’re down in the dumps;

and why don’t happy songs seem not to be useful a lot?

This is because, sad music as an empathetic person is trying to appease you.

But instead, happy melodies seem like a carefree person who tells you to smile when you are annoyed and disappointed or uses sentences like” the world is beautiful,

and you should stay positive and live happily.

On the other hand, people are interested in sad music because of their body mechanisms.

Prolactin, a hormone which Apart from being associated with breastfeeding, has various psychological effects.

It is released in human bodies in response to sadness, grief or other types of stress to reduce pain through its analgesic effect.

When you are in a state of sadness, prolactin creates a feeling of calm, comfort, and consolation.

Thus prevents an uncontrollable increase in the state of sadness that causes you to experience a pleasant feeling despite suffering from many more sorrows.

Dadmehr, a new generation famous singer, states in this regard:

“In fact, sad songs do not make a person feel desperate and upset, but immerse the audience in a nostalgic mood and atmosphere.

Nostalgia is a bitter and sweet feeling that uses the imagination to calm the audience by reviving the sweet memories of the past;

So the sadness that comes with listening to music can be strangely enjoyable.

For example, after the release of “Bigharar” music, which is a relatively sad and romantic music,

many loved ones said that fortunately,

the music was able to empathize with them in some way and reduce the feeling of sadness and separation.

“Personally, there’s no greater pleasure for me than being able to soothe the listeners’ hearts with the art of music!”

This talented artist also has astonishing achievements in astronomy, psychology,

management, business, as well as singing.

According to him, one of his great childhood interests has been music and singing; Despite his remarkable scientific achievements and outstanding activities in other fields,

he never gave up on his childhood dream. His inner passion led him to the path of music and singing;

surprisingly, he was able to attract many people’s attention and gain great popularity among his listeners by his first music.

It is generally believed that listening to sad music allows listeners to bring their negative emotions up to surface and vent them;

thus reducing their stress.

This is actually the same of Aristotle’s famous word, catharsis.

He suggested the term as an explanation for people enjoying sad art.

This shows how deeply art and music are combined.





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