A Spotlight on the Star Stuff Group Customised Stand-up Pouch


Brisbane, Queensland May 19, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Star Stuff Group is proud to be the supplier of high-quality and durable customised stand-up pouches. Effective packaging is a critical fundamental for packaged goods, helping to communicate the brand’s goals and the product’s purpose. Many purchases by consumers are often instinctive and reactive, and best-selling brands see success by activating sensory cues and eliciting an emotive response that prompts individuals to select their item.

Star Stuff Group Sales Manager, Rayna Reynolds, can attest to the value that a well-executed stand-up pouch design can dramatically increase customer conversions.

She says “often we transition a client who commenced packing with a plain, unprinted stand-up pouch with a custom printed label applied during the introductory product cycle stage to a custom-made and printed pouch to enter the product growth cycle. A custom printed pouch adds that extra perceptual element which assists to build product brand identity, brand awareness and most importantly with effective packaging deliver an increase in sales volume and revenue and ultimately profit and done correctly the results can be significant.”

A product’s packaging should immediately communicate to the consumer ‘who it is’, ‘what it is’, and how it’s relevant to the potential customer. Stand-up pouches are an efficient and visually appealing packaging option to consumers with their design allowing them to be clearly visible on shelving and can feature colourful and eye-catching graphics.

Stand-up pouch packaging lends itself to being customised to best appeal to the product’s target demographic. From a hot foil stamp to create the impression of luxury to a window that allows the consumer to visualise the product, stand-up pouches are an incredibly versatile form of packaging and can help encourage customer conversions.

Practicality and functionality are at the forefront of the stand-up pouch design, with their shape ensuring they are easily seen by potential customers. Fully customised to capitalise on consumer purchasing patterns and to appeal to your target market, stand-up pouches are one of the most cost-effective, flexible, and visually enticing methods of packaging available.

Many clients see a ‘snowball’ effect after incorporating custom stand-up pouch packaging into their business, having to reorder more packaging in larger quantities and making it more cost-effective overall. An increase in sales coupled with lower packaging costs leads to an overall greater return to the client’s business whilst lifting the brand profile within the market.

Star Stuff Group is proud to work with both start-up businesses to those who are well established and any position within the spectrum where they can assist. Whether the packaging concept is in its initial stages, requiring further development or rebranding, through to working with designers or businesses with internal art departments – they take on a collaborative approach that best suits your business.

Rayna Reynolds comments “it’s so rewarding to see a client’s vision come to life through the packaging design process, and package ‘personalities’ are created that speaks to their ideal target market. It’s great to see the progression from idea concept through to the completed package.”

Star Stuff Group has over 30 years of industry knowledge with a sales team boasting several key personnel with over 25 years of experience in the paper and plastic print packaging industry. Star Stuff Group prides itself in utilising the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to produce a wide array of packaging products. They assist a wide range of businesses and deliver a personalised customer service experience to be an integral extension to each of our client’s businesses in terms of packaging and promotional support.

To see your vision come to life, reach out to the team at Star Stuff Groups to learn more about stand-up pouch packaging and design, at [email protected].

About Star Stuff Group

Established in 2001, Star Stuff Group is a 100% Australian-owned company that provides innovative, cost-effective print, display, resin, and custom packaging solutions.

They are recognised as idea-oriented, with a “can-do” attitude and they pride themselves on their focus on providing quality products and excellent customer service, setting them apart from their competitors.

They have over 30 years+ of experience in the industry, which has proven invaluable for delivering high-quality custom packaging, technology, innovation, and service to their customers. Star Stuff Group is a privately owned & family-run business, however, have a global reach & strong international partnerships. They take a consultative approach and ensure that they understand your brand & specific packaging and marketing requirements, supporting all ranges of companies locally, nationally, and internationally.





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