Aspiring Beauty Influencer Sanjana Aktersweety Shows Her Beauty Tips All Over Social Media


Gaithersburg, Maryland May 19, 2022 ( – There is a new influencer on the rise you must know about all over social media. She shares her beauty, lifestyle, and travel journey all across her platforms to her supporters. Her name is Sanjana Aktersweety.

She was born on October 12, 2006, and she is a South Asian Bengali American content creator. Growing up she had grown a passion for beauty, she would wear red lipstick here and there to events, when she was younger. She would practice her makeup almost every day in her room and follow popular beauty gurus on YouTube at the time and was so inspired by their work that in 2016 she made a big leap and decided to open an Instagram. At first, when she started, she was posting other creators’ beauty content and featuring them on her page. But after a month she wanted her page to only feature herself, so she deleted every single picture and rebranded it.

Fast forward to 2022, on her Instagram and other platforms, she creates beauty content. Giving out makeup, skincare, and hair or nail content. She has reached a really big platform in an impressively short amount of time. Her Instagram@sanjana_beauty tops up to 6,000+ followers and she got featured on 3 big Instagram platforms @paradise_of_travel @makeup.hum @highfashionmakeup for her beauty/travel content that tops into 2.1 million followers.

“I am happy to share my beauty & travel journey on my platforms and I hope that can inspire more people to follow their passions as well, said Sanjana Aktersweety, the beauty mogul.”

Now ending this off on a positive note, Sanjana Aktersweety is rocking it and will keep succeeding more in the beauty community or any future ventures she decides to do.





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