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The company’s newly updated solution is designed to protect businesses in various industries from the growing number of threats online. Their innovative platform can investigate and respond to cyber attacks as soon as they happen.

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The company utilizes machine learning to quickly uncover internet-based dangers that are targeting the client’s business. Moreover, enterprises can benefit from round-the-clock technical support, intrusion detection, and vulnerability assessment.

By taking advantage of the company’s solutions, clients will be able to protect their systems from a diverse range of threats, such as zero-day attacks. Threats like these can allow hackers to exploit the client’s software vulnerabilities and critically affect their programs, sensitive information, and other computers. SubRosa can uncover hidden risks, odd behaviors, and suspicious trends across the network, allowing them to respond proactively.

As a result, the client’s business will benefit from significantly diminished breach risks, potential legal fees, and customer service expenses. Their brand’s reputation will also be shielded from damage caused by cyber attacks. This type of solution is ideal for businesses seeking an enhanced level of protection at an affordable cost.

SubRosa’s SOC as a Service solution can also help businesses remain compliant, as it offers reporting for ISO, PCI, HIPPA, and SOX standards.

SubRosa is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that address today’s most pressing concerns about cybersecurity. Their experienced team works with leading risk and security professionals, allowing them to service businesses of any size, from SMEs to multinationals. The company’s solution has been employed in a number of industries, including healthcare, banking, insurance, and energy.

A spokesperson for the company said: “As cyber threats continue to scale their technical capabilities, knowing if your data is protected can feel like an insurmountable task. The impact of cybercrime will continue to hurt both our economic and social standing unless cyber risk practices are adopted within every organization, globally.”

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