FINALLY! A fashion magazine for MATURE WOMEN!!


Austin, Texas May 19, 2022 ( – FINALLY! A FASHION and LIFESTYLE magazine for MATURE WOMEN!

…even better it’s CANNABIS FRIENDLY!

The first Women’s fashion magazine Godleys Lady’s Book was published in 1830.

Various niches have been and are still the focus of women’s magazines from housekeeping to fitness, from preteens to Brides to Parenting to 30-something Fashionistas.


It’s as if women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s have been dropped off the consumer market as irrelevant and unprofitable.

According to Futurists Faith Popcorn and Christiane Northrupp-

now EVERYBODY in wealth management knows-

about the $35 trillion historic wealth transfer into the pockets and accounts of MATURE Americans.

Specifically MATURE WOMEN.

Until now, there was no media platform for marketers or manufacturers to reach and influence the immense consumer power of MATURE WOMEN.

www.GODDESSMAGAZINE.TV, and its umbrella company GODDESS OMNIMEDIA LTD, was created by a MATURE WOMAN for MATURE WOMEN.

No celebrity worship. No over photoshopped unattainable images. Just beautiful average women communicating with and to other beautiful average women, having fun, sharing stories, encouraging each other, and moving into living their best life, ever!

“Women in my demographic like to congregate! We like to have fun with similar-minded women whether it’s travel or shopping or simply recommending products and services to our friends,” says GODDESS OMNIMEDIA LTD CEO and www.GODDESSMAGAZINE.TV Publisher Kathryn Mullen.

“Most people don’t realize that we are the majority consumers of ….pretty much every mainstream product manufactured.

with a few exceptions. We buy for ourselves. We buy for our family. We buy for our friends and our pets.

Our grandkids are also largely funded by us.”

Not only do women buy but we try new products

While NOT ONE fashion magazine of any type exists for women 50+ yo;

there is also NO MAGAZINE that EDUCATES the GENERAL PUBLIC about cannabis, cannabis products, opportunities in the Cannabis industry, and other opportunities for growth, health, and recreation for a mature woman within the cannabis spectrum.

GODDESS Magazine TV does exactly that.

” …the cannabis market can specifically benefit from focusing on Mature Women. Believe it or don’t but, mature women are the most frequent purchasers of cannabis and the biggest consumers of cannabis products…”

So clearly, if you want to expand your consumer base and increase your profitability, you need to focus on speaking directly to this huge, historically wealthy demographic of MATURE WOMEN.”

“Further, ” continues Kathryn, “you have to communicate with this demographic at their elevated level (both intellectually and spiritually)…from their perspective.”

“That means companies would do well to employ the services of mature women in their advertising and marketing divisions to speak directly with this demographic;

so that they might not only professionally, but empathically, understand the best way for that particular product to move into this particular market.”

Not only is GODDESS MAGAZINE. TV reader/viewer driven, fun, handmade/homemade video content on our YouTube channel; but a reader-driven advertiser supported digital fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazine; culminating in a quarterly high-end on-demand print fashion magazine.

Expansion planning includes launching a ROKU/Android TV GMTV channel in 2022.

A FULL Media Platform!

Kathryn believes “…having been so far away from the front lines of Mature consumer communication, many marketers/ public relations departments/ companies, do not understand mature women, nor their desire to feel connected to their families and to each other.”

“Summarily,” says Ms. Mullen,” the main way to influence our consumer dollars is through live event experiences. GODDESS MAGAZINE TV does live consumer inspiring events!”

In conclusion, Kathryn said,

“Let the takeaway message from this article be that:

by understanding and contouring your company’s product/ message to the high standards of this willing consumer demographic, your company not only is able to but WILL experience phenomenal growth and profitability.

And GODDESSMAGAZINE.TV, through our live events and media platform, is here to help do just that!”


For more information on reaching Mature Women, the largest and wealthiest consumer demographic in the United States, or for more information on GODDESS OMNIMEDIA LTD or GODDESS Magazine TV, please email Kathryn Mullen directly at [email protected]





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