How Web-3 Decentralised, Social Media Metaverse Kaloscope Is Transforming Business


Dubai, United Arab Emirates May 19, 2022 ( – Among sceptics, the term ‘metaverse’ can often be too optimistic, and is questioned for lacking in definition to non-crypto natives. In 2021, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were widely seen in mainstream media to be selling for millions of dollars, with exponential growth and an economy worth billions of dollars. So how can non-crypto natives understand this transformation that seems to be taking place in business via this new technology?

Kaloscope, is the world’s first (1st) registered ‘social media metaverse’. It is defined as a Web-3, decentralised, social media metaverse, or a bridge between the physical and virtual world by developing mixed reality experiences and utilities within the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) space. Kaloscope enables one to create ad collect virtual spaces, as NFTs, and project an NFT collection in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Extended Reality (XR).

Kirck Allen, CEO, says, “Think of us like a decentralised Facebook, but in 3-dimensional form, or a virtual world with a virtual space. You can have an NFT store within an NFT, and share it with your friends to make your web-3 more social”.

The innovation behind Kaloscope is the platforms’ ability to transform business via ‘Utility’ & ‘Community’. Kaloscope has created utilities such as diamond and gold passes behind NFTs, in order for those who own them to not only get early and exclusive airdrops, but ‘real world’ in ‘real time’ perks, such as access to VIPS events, access to bars, etc called or known as ‘perkabilities’. An example of projects with ‘perkabilities’ would be Kaloscope’s involvement, with investor ColossalBit and their recent launch in Dubai of the Meta Terrace- a hybrid of a virtual & physical restaurant, lounge bar, where NFT holders can purchase or pay using cryptocurrency and enjoy exclusive access to food, drinks & VR/AR experiences. Understanding the shortcomings of marketing to random groups, the platform allows specific feedback to loyal fans of brands/businesses or the community, hence, more stable growth for businesses.

“Kaloscope is a platform for brands, artists, and institutions to tell their story, in mixed reality, and what their communities have to offer; it is customisable and traceable on the blockchain, and a new way to tell your brand story, in 3-D!.“- Kick Allen, CEO, Kaloscope

Ever innovative, and believing that anything is possible & sustainable for the future, Kaloscope’s token and NFT contracts are deployed on the Polygon network- a layer 2 solution, which addresses Ethereum’s limitations, such as notable lower transactions per second, and high gas fees. Supporting the ‘Great Green Wall’ project, which is one of the largest carbon capture projects on the planet, Kaloscope has partnered with Serious Shea, which works collaboratively with the World Economic Forum, to plant over 1 trillion trees across Africa, backed by the United Nations.

To download the Light Paper V.1, on Kaloscope for more information, download here or view it on Medium here:

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About Kaloscope:

Under 30, entrepreneur, (CEO) Kirck Allen, formulated metaverse start-up Kaloscope, as he saw a gap in the market which didn’t consolidate a fast-growing yet fragmented NFT sector nor allowed users to socially interact with their own NFT collections. Born in 2021, the social media metaverse, allows users to project, collect and interact with their digital assets through mobile AR/VR/XR. While searching for a CTO, and a person who could see the full potential, in his project, Kirck met Christian Chalfoun (CTO) and Ciro Arianna (CEO), of CollosalBit (a NFT/Crypto Consultancy Company in Dubai); ColossalBit becomes an early investor of Kaloscope and together developed a demo app to show and presented together at the 2021 Crypto Expo, Dubai, where they also won the award for ‘Best Consultancy Project’. The community of Kaloscope, is known as ‘the Kalosquad’.

Kaloscope is managed by Metakalos, a registered business in Dubai with offices in the UK, UAE, and the Philippines. Metakalos is the first (within the metaverse), to receive a licence in Dubai, specifically for Kaloscope being a decentralised, web-3 social media platform.

Since late 2021 and early 2022, Kaloscope is the latest entry in the list of social media platforms that exist to connect with and project NFTs through the integration of technologies like mobile mixed reality.





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