Mohamed Abdelshafe Nada Ø? Hawa Med Large pages writer and blogger on the social networking site


Diyarb Najm, ash-Sharqiyah May 19, 2022 ( – Currently, Mohamed Abdelshafe Nada manages many of the largest pages on the social networking site Social Media, and he also has a personal page on Social Media, which has many followers interested in his writings and interacting with them.

With a focus on Social Media pages. Mohamed Abdel Shafi’s specialty. In creating and enlarging Social Media pages to reach the largest audience, he believes that Social Media is the most important means of social communication today.

Education Mohamed Abdelshafe is studying in the Faculty of Law. But Mohamed Abdelshafe has attracted work in social media since his childhood and his interest in Social Media made him establish Social Media pages in a small launch, and his interest in them made them spread rapidly, which led to the increase in the popularity of his pages.

Muhammad Abd Alshafe became famous through his interest in publishing important topics for society, bringing them up for discussion, always following global events, educating young people, urging society to the positives and avoiding the negatives that would destroy society. Muhamed Abdelshafe always calls on his page for peace and wishes that peace spread in the world and that the phenomenon of bullying that affects people a lot psychologically and makes them unable to interact with society will disappear properly.

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