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Singapore, Singapore May 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – UUEX Introduction.

UUEX Exchange is a leading global digital currency trading platform established in Singapore in August 2020, aiming to create an efficient, diverse and world-class digital asset trading station for digital currency enthusiasts worldwide. The company has obtained the MPI Licence (Major Payment Institution Licence) issued by the MAS (Monetary Authority Of Singapore) of the Singapore government. UUEX Exchange has set up branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai respectively, and has gone live simultaneously in several countries, releasing Chinese, Japanese and English With three versions, the accumulated registered users have exceeded one million, and it is the common exchange of choice for digital currency enthusiasts in more than 20 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, the United States, Singapore and Thailand.

UUEX Services.

UUEX Exchange provides diversified and one-stop trading services such as spot trading, contract trading and fiat currency trading, supporting more than 100 kinds of spot trading and contract trading. With years of experience in the blockchain industry, the platform has built a world-leading security and risk control system and anti-DDOS attack system. The exclusive “Cold Wallet” patented technology, using multiple signatures, offline signatures, layered architecture and other security designs, provides traders with efficient, secure and open trading services.

The UUEX exchange supports direct coin charging to digital wallets and easy top-ups, withdrawals and conversions with Visa and MasterCard bank cards.

The platform also uses advanced blockchain big data processing technology to provide traders with comprehensive trading solutions and advice, allowing investors to instantly grasp the latest investment trends in the world. 7*24 hours of one-to-one online manned customer service demonstrates the platform’s refined management and is renowned for its efficient service spirit of “not delaying investors for a minute”. UUEX adopts an exclusive “User Community Management Model”, in which senior industry experts instantly integrate and filter industry trends from the world’s top cryptocurrency elites to provide investors with valuable information.

The UUEX Exchange Team.

Larry Chen, CEO of UUEX, one of the original founders of UUEX and currently CEO of UUEX, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University CMU with a degree in Computer Science (CS) & Mathematics. He has been a driving force in the team’s quest for world leadership in blockchain technology, and his expertise extends across all of the company’s operations.

Linus Li, Chief Technology Officer of UUEX, is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Computer Science, Linus majored in Computer Science (CS) & Engineering, and is now the Chief Technology Officer of UUEX, Linus mainly leads the team to specialise in blockchain Linus leads a team specialising in blockchain technology revolution and innovation, and is known by his colleagues as an “Inventor” for his patented “cold wallet” technology.

Charles Wong, COO of UUEX, Charles is responsible for developing UUEX’s technology strategy, partnerships and architecture to ensure it can build innovative, institutional-level solutions. and Systems (MSIM) and is a Partner at UUEX, Charles is based in Dubai.

The story of the creation of UUEX.

In early 2020, Larry, who was still working on algorithm problems in Santa Clara, attended a Blockchain Technology Seminar in Silicon Valley organized by CMU alumni, along with Linus and John Au Yeung, John majored in M.Eng in Computer Science, PhD at Cornell.

The seminar was a great opportunity for them to bond over their strong interest in the blockchain industry, and they often met up with like-minded friends for “Brain Storming”, often engaging in friendly and heated debates over technical issues/solutions.

One day, out of the blue, Larry proposed a global platform for global blockchain technology and virtual currency enthusiasts to connect, which intrigued both Linus and John. The success of Binance convinced them that the industry was taking the industry by storm, as did Linus and John, and after about six months of preparation In August 2020, they flew to Singapore to register the company and in the same year, they were granted the MPI licence (Major Payment Institution Licence) by the MAS (Monetary Authority Of Singapore). Larry, the founder of UUEX, said: ” The circle of digital assets is like a spark with the potential to start a prairie fire, and it will explode on a global scale in the future. A world-class, diverse, secure and efficient digital currency trading platform is the best link for enthusiastic digital currency enthusiasts of the times.”

It is this kind of momentum that has led UUEX to attract the industry’s top technical team, with Larry’s colleagues from Google’s headquarters in Santa Clara and senior engineers from Alibaba and Tencent in mainland China. With the addition of Charles Wong, the Dubai team has attracted even more technical talent from around the world. The company now has a very mature operational system and is taking shape in the digital currency trading platform industry. With a team of world-class professionals, UUEX has been known for its stability and security since its launch and has maintained an international standard of security and risk control that millions of users have come to trust.

UUEX Team Vision.

A member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering once said, “Blockchain is a truly promising industry”. Blockchain had taken the world by storm in a short period of time just to illustrate this. As most social commentators have also said, “In terms of its contribution to human development, blockchain has had no less impact on humanity than the invention of electricity in the nineteenth century”. As the audience for blockchain grows, so does the world’s expectation of blockchain technology.

UUEX brings together the world’s top technology teams with the intention of keeping pace with the world’s blockchain technology. UUEX embraces the good expectations of blockchain technology and strives to create the ultimate on-chain player ecosystem that is safe, reliable, efficient and friendly.

Blockchain technology, as a data management technology, has unique advantages such as immutability, strong chronology, the integrity of data change history, traceability and verifiability, which are always disrupting industry development trends. Bitcoin, the core currency on the blockchain chain, has risen from just one cent in 2009 to a maximum of over $4,000. In recent years, traditional capital has moved in large numbers, injecting liquidity into the cryptocurrency market and creating many opportunities for many investors.

As the era maker of the blockchain trend, the UUEX technical team brings internal innovation in line with the world, always insists on putting the interests of investors first, and is committed to providing a safe, fair, open and efficient blockchain digital asset trading environment. UUEX also takes the blockchain as the core and builds an all-around blockchain ecosystem. UUEX will spare no effort to promote the prosperity of cryptocurrencies and work with UUEX users to pioneer a new blockchain world and create a new era of history together.

As Linus, a member of the UUEX founding team, says: Although digital assets are only in a small circle now, we believe that this kind of asset that everyone can fully grasp will catch on in the future, let’s work together and look forward to it!





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